Shea Butter a Cream Alternative For Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

shea tree fruitThere has been a lot of talk about Shea butter being a great alternative to buying a cream for stretch marks. But does it stand up to this claim or is it just another case of “over-hyped natural cure”?


Before we check the facts, it helps knowing that Shea butter is a fat extract that is taken out of the well known African tree called Shea tree. Being a good substance in cosmetics, it is used for moisturizing the skin and healing many skin conditions, which includes stretch marks.


Shea Nutrients?

As many other butter substances, Shea butter is completely edible so you might have it at home already if you fancy an exotic taste to your meals. The most known vitamins that it contains are vitamin A, a very important vitamin E and even vitamin F.

These micro nutrients are all essential as without them, your skin will react slower.. meaning longer waiting times to see results. And no one want’s to wait ages for something to start working, but instead as soon as possible, or even right now.

Another positive side of it, is that it naturally has a really good scent to it, so when you have it applied to your skin, you do smell great and don’t see the time that you have it applied as living hell, trying to cope with the putrid smell of your solution.

Skin Benefits of Shea Butter and a Nice Smell

shea butter and nutsIf you are currently pregnant, you will appreciate the nice smell that shea butter gives. Here’s a example of a pregnancy cream with shea butter, with good reviews.

Now, what is said about the butter, that it is a great skin product is definitely true. It does make your skin more elastic and is a good moisturizer as well so you might want to get some just for moisturizing your skin.

It will also reduce any other skin conditions that you have (such as cuts, burns, razor bumps, rashes) other than striae. Basically, very handy to have it laying somewhere around the house.

Just remember, wherever the product is sold, nowhere is it mentioned that a stretch mark removal or even fading is possible or that it is meant for such use. What it works for, is slightly minimizing your scars, so don’t expect miracles if you are using it in its raw form.

The only way to have better results is to use it with other ingredients in it, like in a cream that uses this one, for example Urban Skinitrition uses shea butter. Just make sure to read the reviews and do some basic comparison. Even Urban Skinitrition might not be the best pick for you if you see a better alternative.

Now if you decided that you will use Shea already, your skin will feel great, moisturized and you may minimize your stretch marks quite a good amount. Basically it is your skin and striae age, that will determine how well the results will be. But again, do not expect a miracle.

So, lets see how to use it correctly, so that you won’t try to bathe yourself in a pool of Shea butter (as entertaining as that would be).

Simple Notes to Use Shea Butter The Right Way


  • It is best used on exfoliated skin (however let your skin rest after doing one, at least around 4 weeks) or after the shower or. Even before bed might be a good idea.
  • Use it once or twice every day, and change it up as much as the time allows you to
  • At your wish, you can increase it to 4 times per day. Because it is homemade, you have much more freedom to do whatever you want.
  • Can be used on all body parts (except non-skin areas like nipples, lips. It is not poisonous and edible, but it gives no benefits to apply them on non-skin areas.)
  • When applying, apply a thin layer or it may take too long to absorb. Use common sense here.
  • Can also be applied to hair for more shiny/dashing hair, preferably to the scalp as a massage.
  • Since shea butter is a raw ingredient, it can be mixed with other oils or butters, making it a good ingredient for homemade mixed creams.
  • After about 2 years, the original jar or container of butter will start to decay, so make sure to use it up before then. If you apply it all the time, you should empty it within a month or 2.
  • Store it somewhere that has room temperature or close enough of a temperature to that, otherwise it will melt as it has a low melting point.
  • If somehow it does melt, because of a searingly hot Sunday day, just store it in a colder place like a refrigerator until it hardens and it is ready to be used again.