Really? Even Models Can Have Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Models or wish-to-be-models have a lot to deal with on their plate, if they wish to be successful in one of the harshest and least forgiving industries there is. Other than having gorgeously good body proportions, any major skin imperfections can make or break a career for them.

One of these imperfections that is actually rather common with models are stretch marks.

But does this stop them, or should it stop you?

Even very popular models have scars on their body, it is all dependent on how you treat them and prepare them before doing your work. Yes, even white stretch marks are widespread as you can see in the following picture, and here is why you or they even have them.

And you know what? Even celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Scarlet Johanson, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian have them.

model with stretch marks

For example, when browsing through pictures of models that have appeared in magazines, you do not really see any imperfections on their skin at all.

Why is it that when you look at your mirror you can obviously see your stretch marks, but on these models you can almost never see any?

They either know how to treat them well, which will be explained as we go on, or they know how to use their makeup to hide them well.

But as you know, they have their own private lives and when browsing pictures that models themselves post which are mostly not modified, you can see how they really look and often you can see scar remnants on their body. This means even with scars, even models can have them as it is not hard to remove those from the finished picture.

photoshop scars

Look how a little Photoshop can make all the difference.

Models and How They Treat Striae

Even models have to follow a similar path that everyone else has to, meaning that their treatment is not really different as anything you can do for yourself as well. Almost all models use some form of prevention as a newly appeared scar can delay their work quite a while so it becomes a necessity to protect themselves.

They do this using prevention creams. This is even more important in cases when the model decides to have a baby, which can, if not careful really undermine the career that the model has. Check our review section for great prevention creams that even big stars like Lady Gaga use.

stretch mark cream

If the model already has stretches, then there are two options left, either removal/fading or disguising it.

  • Perfect removal is not possible other than skin surgery, BUT even models tend to not resort to such extraordinary methods.
  • Instead, creams/ingredients/healthy habits are used so the skin makes its repairs on the upper layer(the deeper layer never perfectly heals, no matter what cream you use).
  • Look around, have you ever seen an overweight model?

Their whole career is based upon making good health choices(ignoring the anorexia here, those are exceptions).

And since they need to apply different products on their skin daily, applying some disguising solution over takes barely any extra time. One positive they have is a wide spectrum of body makeup to use and usually professionals around to apply it.

But who cares about “professionals”!

Anyone can take a tube of cream and apply it on your skin.

And that’s all that is required for using creams..

  1. You don’t need to be experienced.
  2. Just pick it up.
  3. And Go!

And just like that, even you can have the same treatment that the gorgeous, with shiny skin, sparkling models use.