Properly Using Massage To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Stretch Marks

Massage in its essence is very enjoyable, whether done by yourself or by a skilled masseur. It has numerous benefits associated with it, including pain relief, emotional relief and is a very relaxing process altogether.

Doing it at least once a month increases blood circulation, thus making your skin receive its nutrients faster and accelerating the healing process of stretch marks.

Massaging is really something so simple yet so easy to enjoy and do that everyone should get massaged, even if they are in fine health.

If you are currently pregnant it is advised that if you do decide on any form of massage, be sure to let a skilled masseur be the one to massage you, just to let you feel more relaxed and really enjoy the whole process.

Like this, you will not only have the benefit of having less stretches, but also a much more enjoyable pregnancy period. If you also are doing something to prevent new stretch marks, you will be protected from them during your pregnancy.


Regular Massage

While really not used as much as it should be, massage is quite a viable option to help at least lessen how the marks appear. This is best done when used in combination with other options, including oils, butters and other natural remedies.

When done correctly, you apply the ointment on to your skin and then instead of just letting the skin do its work and absorb it, you also massage the area of the skin that you applied your solution. This is all done using only hands so it is pretty straightforward and easy to do and does not require you or your masseur to be exceptionally skilled. Doing this speeds up the absorption, meaning that you can get back to your daily tasks in a short time.

However the difference between someone who does this professionally and someone who has never done this is worlds apart. The solution itself is as effective as you make it, depending on what ointment or additives you use when massaging it into your skin.

Stretch Mark Massage

Massage Therapies

The second option is actual stretch mark treatments and therapies, finding a masseur service in your area and contacting them about their services and if they offer therapies.

When doing this, ask them beforehand if they would be willing to use your desired oil/treatment during your massage, most of them will agree, just be sure to ask first before making any assumptions as a few might be appalled by the idea of using something else than their usual.

The most widely known treatment that is a bit different from regular massages, is the Endermologie treatment. In this treatment you are positioned either sedentary or lying and in that position a special roller is applied to your skin, producing a deep tissue massage, stimulating your cells to make the healing process faster.

While this treatment is not especially targeted at stretch marks and will probably not remove them completely, it has a positive effect on your skin’s health. One last fact to note is that it is quite expensive, usually being more than 60$ per session and to see an effect multiple sessions are required, making the total cost of this option around 600$+.

body brush massage

Hard Body Brush

The third possibility is using a hard body brush. This type of massage is great to use as a prevention method when your body is making rapid changes such as pregnancy, losing weight, building muscle mass or puberty. It it also one that you can perform yourself, while not on your back, it can be performed on the areas of your body that you can reach.

It is used before and during these times to prevent stretch marks from occurring or to greatly reduce their affect on your skin if they do appear. Otherwise, it is done the same as a regular massage, but using the brush instead of just your hands.

This means it is recommended to also include other oils/butters/products for a better effect. Depending on how abrasive it is, using a rougher brush will also add a benefit of a thorough exfoliation, where the upper layer of dead skin cells gets cleaned off, revealing the new layer bellow. Resulting in fresh healthy skin that will keep it’s health for years to come.