Permanent stretch mark removal, is it possible at all? Stretch Marks

Without any explanation this would just be another opinion, which is in the end useless as everyone has them regardless if they are right or wrong. Therefore what will be explained are facts that will show if permanent stretch mark removal is possible or not.

First Thing First

Before we can figure out if permanent removal is even possible, first we have to look at the structure of stretch marks and when do they even structure detailed

Our layer of interest here, epidermis, is the layer where stretch marks show up and where you can see them with the naked eye.

  • The other important layer that determines whether you will get any scars, is the dermis.
  • The hypodermis is not as important as the marks do not appear there.
  • When your skin is stretched either by weight gain, pregnancy, puberty or other causes, the layer that holds the skin together is the dermis layer.
  • Therefore, when the skin is stretched, the dermis layer is the one that rips apart taking the epidermis with it, making the striae that you see.

When this happens, the stretch mark changes color, first being red, then slowly going to a whiter color and much later to a color closer to the original color. But it NEVER returns to its original color.. unless you properly treat it as fast as possible.

  • While the skin does have a healing mechanism to heal these rips, they never really disappear, only hide as the dermis will always be ripped to a certain point.
  • While even the ripped second layer can be removed using skin surgery, this is not recommended as the surgery itself will leave scars and has a long downtime.
  • Other methods, such as adding ingredients to your skin in the form of creams, lotions, oils will have a small effect on the dermis layer, meaning that even with them permanent removal is not possible.

stretch mark pic

Now that we know what happens when stretch marks appear, let us see what can happen afterwards.

What Happens After Stretch Marks Show Up?

  • As said before, the skin does heal itself over time.
  • And that the dermis never really heals up.
  • But since the ripped dermis is not visible, that rip is not the main problem at all.
  • The solution is not to totally repair the dermis, but repair the epidermis which is the layer that you can see.

And the epidermis can in many cases be repaired, like said above, with creams.

The epidermis is the one that is affected the most when using creams, to make the skin more stretched and giving it enough nutrients to heal the first layer.

So permanent VISUAL removal is indeed possible, even if you are not using any supporting product and only living a healthy lifestyle.

Since we know now what is our goal when talking about permanently removing striae, let us recap with a verdict.

The Verdict

  1. YES, fading/visually removing stretch marks is possible, which is what is the result you are after.
  2. And NO, permanently (at their core in their dermis layer) removing scars is not possible, other than skin surgery, which is not recommended as it is not a serious medical condition.
  3. What you want is a permanent VISUAL removal, not a full removal. Think about it, do you ever think twice about how your insides look and feel embarrassed about them?

So instead of going down the surgery path, try opting in for something a bit more soothing and less invasive.