Overhauling Your Skin from Stretch Marks On Inner Thighs Stretch Marks

Stretches come in different forms, in different places, and you are not safe from them even if you are skinny.

Especially on your inner thighs, where they have an even higher chance of appearing. For women if you are skinny the first fat stores will almost always go around your thighs, it is a predisposition that women have and therefore more fat equals more pressure on the skin.

And just like that.. stretch marks here they come. Same with men, but with men its not the fat that is usually the culprit, but muscles.

Men build up muscles faster then women (due to their higher levels of testosterone). Legs, being the biggest muscle in the body is the fastest one to grow, resulting in striae appearing quite fast in their training session.

Well, removing stretch marks because of muscle growth is a another story though.

Recovering your skin back from them, and replacing the scars with fresh, newly created skin that is as smooth and silky as the rest of your skin is no easy task. That is, the healing part is not an easy task, but the process itself is rather simple.

woman thigh

What is happening with my thighs?

When the skin rips on your inner thighs (or any other skin part for that matter, such as your buttocks which are pretty close), because of internal pressure (muscle, fat or in the case of pregnancy, a baby).

So that it doesn’t literally rip itself apart, which would endanger your medical condition, it does this in a slow and controlled way. Namely slowly ripping small parts of the skin and replacing them with half-functioning skin.

Think about it, have you ever tried stretching elastic to its limits?

You probably noticed that when you do this, the elastic gets a lot thinner and its the same with your skin. The only difference is if you have striae, they also become a different color.

When this happens, at first they turn to a bright red color. At this state, they are still rather simple to remove.

They turn to this color due to the lack of pigment. It also has almost no pores and is generally less responsive, which shows the lack of cells that make this happen. It is microscopic damage, but a small amount of damage is better than having you spill your insides out.

So if it makes you feel better, think of them as battle scars, when your skin was fighting against the pressure. Now that you know why exactly they appear and the fact that they appear for a very good reason, now you can try and lessen the after effects or in other words to remove the marks on the surface.

So, how to remove them?

Apart from directly cutting them out(which defeats their whole purpose), they will always stay around, what you can do though is remove them on the skin that you can see (that is only what matters in the first place).

Saying this, permanent removal is not what you want.

This means that even though some methods of removal/fading cannot pierce through to the deep layers it is there that the healing happens, the visible skin is merely a showcase of what is happening deeper inside.

inner thigh

Therefore, methods that try stimulating the skin to heal better (like laser surgery or even using a derma roller) can work for that certain time, but as no new nutrients are being delivered to the skin the healing is short lived and when stopped, the healing is also stopped.

Due to this, those who report using methods that do deliver nutrients(such as creams), have much more long term results and as the skin is stronger, the possibility of new scars showing falls down severely.

In essence, if you have some nasty inner thigh stretches, adding nutrients using creams will both remove/lessen the existing stretches and prevent new ones from forming up as well.