Muscle Growth And How It Affects Stretch Marks Stretch Marks

In many areas of your body stretch marks can appear, including thighs, possibly breasts, maybe shoulders and others depending on where the skin is stretched too much and it starts tearing.

These mostly show up because of uncommon periods of life, different causes such as pregnancy, puberty, weight loss and gain.

During these stages, the skin is quickly stretched and if it is not hydrated and elastic enough, quite severe stretches can appear.

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The Grip Of Genetics

Some people are predisposed to receive certain types of scars, this is based completely on their genes and cannot be affected at all.

What can be done though, is preparation for them.

For example if you are planning a pregnancy, you have an edge as you can begin prevention treatment right away for maximum benefits.

One other way to see if you are inclined towards certain scars is taking a look at your parents.

If they seem to be full of stretch marks, even though they might not be overweight or anything, its a sure sign that you better get to preventing them fast as you have a lot higher chance to have a bad genetic disposition towards them.

Now for you, the one reason which you probably got stretch marks is due to bodybuilding or sudden muscle growth.

Like sudden weight gain, the area under your skin is increased, forcing the skin to extend from its current state, just in this case the cause for it is muscle.

While you can gain a lot less muscle at a time than you can gain fat, the rapid expansion is enough to develop the damage, which can be a pain to get rid off.

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But that doesn’t mean you can’t remove/prevent..

Actual steps that you can take to prevent / remove them are similar to the general guidelines when dealing with stretch marks.

If you are just starting out training and are expecting muscle growth, it would be wise to use either your own homemade mix of ingredients to create a mixture that matches your needs. Here’s the full guide on how to create your own homemade stretch mark solution.

Another possibility that is quite sufficient, is to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle that muscle growth and the accompanying healthier foods bring.

Because of this, your skin will be much more effective at healing the scars by itself and after some time, they will fade and turn into a color that matches your own skin.

And when they revert into a color closer to your skin, it will make them quite hard to see, which will make your self confidence roar back to its former state.

Not enough? Then use creams!

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Ahhh, some good old cream!

The other solution is for you to start using a commercial stretch mark cream, which are tested to work and thoroughly reviewed as well.

This way, it can be rather easy to figure out which one will work best for you.

If however you don’t like the researching or just don’t have the time, you can let this time-saving tool do it for you.

Creams come in various forms, either in bottles or tubes with different prices, success rates, reviews and the most importantly, if it can be even used for your type of scars.

While this should be obvious, but all the creams that are used by women (except pregnancy creams) are completely fine to be used by men as well.

It ultimately gives you no reason to not use them, if you feel uncomfortable with the striae you have, using a bit of cream is your best bet for a pretty cheap (a few coffees less and you got it saved) price.

For those who would still not be satisfied (even though there is no reason not to be), you can resort to a bit more direct solutions, like laser and skin surgery, but you might want to check out why this might not be for you.