Lavender Oil, A Good Solution for Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

The oil which comes from the lavender plant, which smells like a fruity perfume just opened, directly from a store. Luckily, it’s incredible smell isn’t the only thing that is good about it.

The extract of this plant is called lavender oil and as you may have guessed, it is very often a main ingredient in perfumes due to it’s nice, soothing smell. Even the oil itself has a enticing smell to it.

Its biggest benefits are that it is antiseptic (prevents infections) and has anti – inflammatory properties to it as well.

Lavender Oil Benefits

lavender oil

  • Heals sunburns and burns (applying it regularly over burns will soothe the pain, same for sunburns)
  • Better sleeping aid (its calming smell will gently flow you into deep sleep)
  • As a massage cream to decrease tension/anxiety (again, because of its smell it calms you down)
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain through massage (but it’s not only the smell, as its nutrients help with muscle and joint pain)
  • As a cough cure when added to a vaporizer (Breathing its fumes decreases anxiety and can help your cough condition)

All these benefits are really great to have and should be used to their full potential. Having some lavender oil at home is worth it just for these benefits.

But you might have noticed that there is no sign of any benefit to stretch marks noted in this list.

The question that was asked in the first place, about what its effects are on stretch marks.

So, how does it fare against stretch marks?

Lavender plant

While it being nice smelling and effective for those benefits that were listed is very positive, right now there have been a grand total of zero dermatological tests done that would confirm or deny if this oil affects your stretch marks at all.

  • It does however have beneficial uses to your skin so even if used for striae, it may end up having more benefits than originally thought (including the stress relief).
  • So it may be worth using it just to sit down on a couch in your living room, apply the oil and enjoy a bit of quality down time for a few minutes every day.
  • And by the end of it, you may realize how great the experience of just enjoying a completely natural perfume with skin healing properties may be.

Remember that if you do end up using this oil, that it is a powerful allergen, meaning that if you have any allergies they are very likely to erupt afterwards, so not really recommended if you have any allergies. Even if you have no known allergies, make sure to spot test first, which means to apply a really small amount and see it your skin reacts. If it doesn’t, you are free to apply more.

In essence the verdict on lavender oil is completely opinion and review based, which means that only people who have actually used it and posted their results are available to research. While there are not many actual reviews for reviews, these reviews are very, very mixed ranging from no effect and allergies spiking, to a good fading at the end.

One thing is clear, using lavender oil will not remove scars, and at best only lessen how they appear. So do not expect any miracles, as it was not meant to heal your skin to the extent of removing stretch marks.

For removing stretch marks, there are better and faster ways to do so.


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