Laser Removal, Is It Good for Stretch Marks or a Hoax? Stretch Marks

Getting rid of your stretch marks is no simple task and in this quest some will also go towards surgery based procedures.

The most common one being laser surgeries or removal.

The surgery part of it is a bit exaggerated as your skin is not invaded directly, but is just stimulated.

Most of patients who undergo such a procedure are not always aware of every good and bad side and how much is it actually effective against stretch marks.

What is the reality, what can you expect?

laser surgery
First lets get your expectations in line.

Removing using lasers is no miracle cure and at no time does it promise results.

It really depends on the type of your scars(red or white), but even then a complete recovery is rare.

Its goal is to increase the healing by stimulating your skin to heal faster in the targeted area.

Its biggest competitor, using stretch mark creams, have the benefit that they actually deliver nutrients to your skin and increase its health, even if there also isn’t any guarantee that it will completely remove your scars.

A laser on the other hand either creates more small damages which do not hurt, but stimulate the body to make more collagen, or by directly pulsing to decrease the color of the striae.

This means that at no time do the lasers provide any additional nutrition to your skin.

laser skin surgery


The biggest benefits are that is requires no work (other than driving to the office) and is also done fairly quickly (hour or two).


Before and after pictures also show some possible good outcomes.

Its downtime is also fairly low, which means you can go about your daily life after the surgery.

And Downsides..

The downsides are foremost its price, costing anywhere from 400 – 800$ and you will probably need to visit them a few times and pay that price each time.

At no point are you given a written guarantee of results, coupled with the chance that you will pay the upper amount to just fade your scars slightly.

And while this is in most cases not a downside as many people live near medical institutes that offer this procedure, but for those who do not, it may be a long ride to find a good one.

At any point, you should think twice before going through with laser surgery.

What is really important to know, is that you might need to go back to it in the future.

What? Isn’t this supposed to permanently remove my stretch marks?

To give an example, at one point your skin was weaker, you got some striae, and you got a laser surgery to remove them.

All fine and dandy, but where is the problem?

Try looking at the bigger picture, with this you don’t actually remove or take care of the cause.

And as such, since your skin is still exposed to the cause, even after the procedure you have a really high chance of getting new stretch marks, meaning you will need to spend a new batch of money to remove them.

You can see the issue here, lasers only remove, but don’t do much to prevent in the long term.

So what is a better alternative?

female doctor

What is recommended is to first try the less invasive options. And you might think that they perform worse because they are not as direct. It is usually the exact opposite.

So if you are willing to spend 1000-3000$ on a laser surgery, consider first “test” spending around 60 – 100$ on either a home ingredient or a cream as in most cases, it will give a satisfactory result without spending thousands of dollars for a laser stretch mark removal.

Your skin will also be much more healthier due to the nutrients that you will be providing.