Is Rosehip Oil A Good Solution for Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Rosehip Oil.

Amongst the many prevailing contestants to determine which homemade cure is the best to use for your stretch marks, it is understandable why some are much more popular than they should be and others barely gain any recognition at all.

It is the nature of competition, which can be at times unfair as the most known solution is not necessarily the best.

rosehip plant

This fruit, which comes from the rose plant, is not known to even exist by many people. Those that do know it, can see what it can do not only for your scars, but for other uses as well.

First off, they are edible like a cherry (just avoid the hairs on it) or used in cooking, as they have one of the highest amounts of Vitamin A B and C, anti oxidants, essential fatty acids and has a series of anti oxidant effects to it.

These are the benefits of the fruit itself. Now where the oil actually comes from is its seed, from where it is extracted into a good oily substance.

Rosehip Oil Benefits

  • Omega 6 Fatty Acids
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Linoleic Fatty Acid
  • Retional (High Amounts of Vitamin A and C)

Due to these benefits, other than scarring it is also used to heal other skin conditions, like acne, dermatitis, eczema, wrinkles, sun burns and many more. What this means is that even if used for one reason, for example scars, when using it, it will also help your general skin health making your skin better in the long run.

What do users say about it?

rosehip seed oil

Apart from other popular natural ingredients, like the well known aloe vera, or the cocoa butter, even lavender oil and so on, rose hip actually has reviews that scale more in the positive scale, meaning that the negative reviews are a rarity.

However, this might be because of its not-wide usage so there are really not that many reviews to begin with. Those that are available though, show that it does indeed help in fading the skin color of the striae.

One great positive that is has is its dryness, or that it absorbs really fast in your skin and does not leave a oily layer that most other oils do.This makes it great for applying if you do not have time to wait some time for the oil to absorb. The whole applying process is pretty much the same as with any other oil solution, use a massaging circular motion to speed up the absorption even faster and incorporate it into a daily routine.

Now that it’s said, a good massage with this oil will do wonders to your well being. For example, after you take a shower, apply it and while you are busy finishing up with your other tasks, it will absorb and no time will be lost at all.

When using it, you can add it to other oils or creams that you have and can thus create a really potent and nutrient pack cream mixture to completely annihilate your stretch marks.