Is Micro Needling Safe Enough To Use On Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Micro needling and stretch marks. Do these 2 mix well together?

What makes stretches different is that they can show up without warning and you can’t find yourself in the usual list of causes for stretch marks.

And once they come around they don’t plan on ever leaving, sure they might settle in a bit, but to leave?

Not on their list.

But you do not want them to stay, want them gone, want them to give you back your smooth skin that you had before. Now, they do heal over time and they do appear much less after a few years. But for most of us, that is way to long of a time period to wait.

The healing itself works by your skin producing more collagen, healing up your tears, and replacing the unsightly striae with new skin cells. Using for example oils will supply your skin with enough nutrients so it can speed up this process severely. A decent method and worth doing on its own.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and another possible treatment was uncovered.

This method is called micro-needling or simply derma rolling.

How does micro-needling work?

micron needling roller

When micro needling:

  • You use a round roller with small sized needles on them and roll them over the stretch mark area.
  • When doing this, the needles that are rolled over, pierce through the first skin layer into the second layer, creating small microscopic damages.
  • In response, the body starts producing more healing material(collagen) around that area speeding up the heal time.

To better imagine this, it is similar to muscles. When muscles are under pressure, they get little microscopic damages and after a while a stronger muscle grows around it.

The same happens with skin, which in turn when you start needling, slowly replaces the skin cells with newer improved ones much faster.

Reserved only for medical professionals?

proffesional micro needling

Well, needling is a procedure that requires a bit more knowledge than lets say if you decided to treat yourself with another solution.

For example with creams your only task is to put some of the cream on your fingers, massage it into the stretch marks and wait for it to dry. Simple, straightforward, fast.

Now this changes with micro-needling, as more care needs to be taken. Even though it is at a small scale and not painful, piercing still takes place and with it the possibility of an infection.

Therefore, when needling with a derma roller, always disinfect everything that you use.

Also do not use it on sensitive areas of the skin like the armpits or face, and specially do not use it at all on non-skin areas like nipples, eyes and so on. Another fact worth mentioning is that needling is a procedure that only stimulates, not moisturizes or adds nutrients to the skin.

Therefore either a good moisturizer or a follow up with a cream product can yield the best result and return you to your gracious smooth skin.

So is Micro Needling Safe or Not?

The guide on how to correctly use a derma-roller the right way can be found here.

If you do follow the guide and correctly use the micro needling process, especially that you have to disinfect it and use it the right way, micro needling is safe and can have good results with lessening stretch marks, but do not expect a total removal as the skin on its own can only do so much, no matter how much you try to stimulate it.

In any case, before doing any needling yourself, it is always advised to visit your doctor or dermatologist as you might have some other skin conditions that need to be approved first. If not, these skin conditions can turn worse, as not all of them will improve if you start needling yourself.