Is It Possible to Get Rid of Stretch Marks, Naturally? Stretch Marks

While more or less every product that exists to help with removing stretch marks is completely natural (meaning that all the ingredients in them are just extracts from several natural ingredients), many people still prefer the completely natural ingredients, directly from the source itself with no additives at all.

You could call this the word natural at its best.

Now since for most of us, obtaining coconut oil or cocoa butter in its pure form is a bit.. unconventional, this was made easier by products that only have the pure extract in them and these products can be obtained rather easily from you nearest convenience store.

Currently the following 4 ingredients are the most heavily used and reviewed and on which the most accurate information can be provided.

There always exist more of these natural ingredients, but in this case these four are the ones used the most.

Do not however be afraid to experiment with multiple ingredients, such as vitamin e oil or even lavender oil.

A bit of rose-hip oil won’t hurt as well.

Coconut Oil

coconut in half

Oil extract from the coconut is very popular due to its ability to not only provide pretty decent results, but also many other positive effects on your skin.

This includes healing other skin ailments, moisturizing, making your skin more supple and so on.

So even in the case of the user not getting the results they want, the benefits of the cream itself for other skin problems will be worth it for the purchase.

A bottle of pure extract costs anywhere from 10 – 30$, putting it in the cheapest range of commercial stretch mark creams.

Cocoa Butter

cocoa butter

This butter is widely used as well, but the reviews are much more mixed and they basically say the story that good results are mostly just possible with smaller or younger stretches.

Anything older or severe scars and the results are almost always barely visible.

While its health benefits are questionable, the moisturizing and suppling effect is definitely there.

And since it is very cheap (under 10$) it is worth trying just to see if this is all you will need to do to get rid of your stretch marks completely naturally.

Shea Butter

shea butter

Butter from the shea tree in Africa, is also used for other skin problems, such as burns, cuts, rashes.

It performs great towards these problems.

While reviews say that it can fade striae over time, its benefits are not stretch mark centered at all, meaning it works best against other problems, but mostly not striae.

This means that honestly if you purchase it only to heal your stretch marks, you might be disappointed by the results it gives.

However, it is also relatively cheap so using it for its other benefits can be enough of a reason to buy it.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera cut into pieces

One of the most widely known for its wide array of skin healing properties, it is in many cases a primary ingredient in creams, for example in the removal cream Revitol orĀ  the other cream Zenmed Stretta.

Easily obtainable, cheap as well, and has a potential to have great results for your skin, not only for stretch marks.

Moisturizes, makes your skin more elastic and much more. It is also one that can be applied directly in its rawest form, the plant.

Just cutting the leaf and applying it to your skin will do. Know however that there is a reason why creams are made, they are more comfortable for the skin.

These are the 4 most known natural ingredients which can be used on their own.

You can however, try mixing them up to make your results even better.