I Got Stretch Marks From Rapid Weight Loss, What to Do? Stretch Marks

Rapid weight loss, one of the biggest reason why everyone everywhere seems to be so bummed that now when they have finally stepped closer to their ideal body image, the stretch marks have shown up out of nowhere.

The area where there was once fat, is now free from it, loosening the pressure that it had.

And now that all the skin has been released, the skin should actually get better and you should look fabulous.

But instead, scars seem to have appeared after the initial weight loss and you are not sure why.

Hmm, but is it really the weight loss that was the cause of this?

So what is the cause of these stretch marks?

weight loss stretch marks
More or less every time that we get scars, its because the skin is stretched really fast, can’t hold itself together, starts ripping and just like that you have yourself a nice batch of striae that you never wanted.

Now with weight loss this doesn’t make any sense, why would you get stretches when you actually lessen the pressure?

This is because you never really get stretches from the weight loss itself.

Just to clarify, there is a rare occurrence that if so much weight was lost, the remaining hanging skin might weigh itself down and rip.

This is the only way you can get stretches from weight loss, but it happens only in rare occasions.

What can I do about it?

weight loss scars

Don’t worry, you don’t need to choke on salad.

What can you do?

The general steps to dealing with stretch marks will do great.

You want your skin to be as elastic as soon as possible, and that is done with proper nutrition, exercise and external help, such as creams.

But otherwise, lets hear it again..

Weight loss is not the cause of scars.

It all happened because of the excess weight that was there, now the reason it looks like they only just appeared is because the skin itself was really stretched before and they weren’t as visible.

Now at a lower weight, the skin needs to tighten up again, and because of this, striae shows itself in its full colors.

What can be done to prevent and remove weight loss stretch marks?

  • Remember, that if you were severely overweight(100 lbs+) and you lost that weight, there is a very high chance that there will be some excess skin afterwards.
  • In this case you can either continue loosing weight and living your better lifestyle for your skin to naturally tighten again. Remember that the younger you are, the faster and more complete this process will be.
  • For those who need to loose a bit less pounds, excess skin is much rarer so your options are similar to anyone with stretch marks. Before you decide on anything, inspect your areas where the stretch marks are most likely to appear(abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks).
  • If you find that there are actually some scars already present, you have the option on using prevention creams, that will strengthen your skin and prevent new stretch marks from forming during your weight loss.
  • For those who do not have any visible scars yet, using prevention methods is also recommended as you may walk out from this with your skin still in great shape.

What will happen after preventing new scars?

  • When you successfully prevent any new ones from appearing during your weight loss when the skin is still getting stronger, then the only task left is to get rid of the few that were able to start to rip. This way, you can kiss your stretch marks goodbye pretty soon.
  • In this case, you can change the products you have been using up until now, to include those that focus more on removing than preventing, as the newer lifestyle and gorgeous body that you poses will be enough to prevent new ones for the time being.
  • Just keep at it, and the results and that perfect, no scars body will be right in your grasp.

Did you lose weight, if so, how much did you lose?