How To Use a Derma Roller the Right Way Stretch Marks

Using a derma roller is a procedure that is usually done by a trained professional. However, doing it at home is also possible, if you follow a concise set of instructions that portray exactly what to do and especially what you need to be careful about when doing it.

Precautions Before Starting

derma roller using on skin

First, a list of precautions is in order that need to be read before doing any skin work with the roller.

  1. If during the procedure at any time blood is drawn, stop the procedure immediately. When done the correct way, the process does not draw a single drop of blood.
  2. Never use longer (1mm+) needles daily. Since this damages your skin too frequently, giving it no time to heal and can make you hurt yourself.
  3. For longer needles (1mm+) use them only once is a few weeks, usually about four to six weeks as this is the time for your skin to renew fully.
  4. Do not use the roller if your skin is swollen or you have developed acne on your skin as it will only worsen the condition.
  5. If using high pressure is creating searing pain, lessen it. The whole procedure will be felt as slight pain, but nothing severe.
  6. Use shorter needles (0.5mm-) for the face area, as it is much more sensitive than the other body. Avoid non-skin areas like eyes, lips, nipples.
  7. Always, always, always disinfect the roller before and after you use it, otherwise using it may lead to some nasty infections.

List Of Required Items For Derma Rolling

 needles micro derma roller

Hopefully, you have read the previous list of precautions before considering starting the procedure. Please follow them, as otherwise you might put yourself into a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort.
Now, for the actual procedure, you will need the following items:

  • Derma Roller
  • Gloves (Disposable)
  • Your choice of disinfectant
  • (Optional) Numbing cream + Disposable paper cloth + Anti bacterial solution
  • (Optional) Your choice of cream product (stretch mark, hair loss solution…)

It is very important to have all of these items, as well as your skin and hands, sterilized during the procedure as the last thing you want is a skin infection.
Put on your disposable gloves before doing any of these steps or if you for any reason cannot put them on, wash and rinse your hands with soap thoroughly.

The Correct Procedure Of Derma Rolling

derma roller instructions

  1. Use your choice of disinfectant (ex. Medicinal Alcohol) to disinfect the area of the skin you will be derma rolling.
  2. (Optional) If using a numbing cream, which is used for numbing the skin to feel less pain, do it after applying the disinfectant. After the initial absorption(10-20 minutes), wipe away the remaining cream with paper cloths.
  3. (Optional) If you are using a cream product for stretch marks or hair loss, apply a small amount of it and massage it into your skin.
  4. Now, begin the rolling procedure, which is done by following the picture in this chapter.
    • Do each line 3-5 times each, depending on how it feels.
  5. (Optional) After you finish the rolling, you can apply more of the cream product of your choice.
  6. When finished, disinfect the derma roller in a glass of disinfectant and leave it there for 30-60 minutes. After this, leave to to dry until it is completely dry. Avoid letting the roller touch anything after this step as it may negate the disinfection.
  7. (Optional) After the procedure, if you have used a numbing cream, apply some of the antibacterial solution at this point, let your skin rest for some time (1-2 hours), then you can either rinse it off with colder water or continue to apply the cream product of your choice.

For the best effect when using against stretch marks, it is recommended to use needles longer than 1mm as only in that case will it reach the dermis layer to stimulate its healing effectively.

Good luck!