How To Stop Stretch Marks From Appearing? Stretch Marks

Not a simple task, but to stop them from appearing is the most effective from anything else (removal, fading).

When they do appear, the skin is already ripped and your dermis(second layer of your skin) is ripped as well.

  • Thing is, this 2nd layer never really heals no matter what you do.
  • Yes, you can help it a bit, but the scar will always be in that layer.
  • So even if you are able to remove the visible stretch marks on your 1st layer, the second layer will always have the damage there.
  • It is because of this reason why once they appear preventing them is only viable to stop new ones from popping up.

You can read the full explanation over here.

But if you do not have striae yet and wish to stop them from appearing, you are at your best possible time to do so.

So, HOW do you stop them in their tracks?

Stretch-mark on belly

Preventing them is very effective when done correctly and when you follow not only 1 recommendation but more if possible. You can do the following points to decrease the chance severely, following more will decrease the chance even more:

A factor that also affects whether you will have them is genetics, which you cannot change so they are not included.

Remember that even though if you genetics are not the best, if you follow the upper points your skin will never really be stretched in your lifetime except if you decide to get pregnant.

And even in that case, the skin will take care of itself good enough so your skin won’t rip.

What’s the best way?

Following as many points that were said above.

This will yield the best results and even when you go through some unique times (pregnancy, weight loss), the chance for scars to actually appear will be really low.

And if you have good genes, practically impossible.


All of the points are self explanatory, apart from prevention creams.

Therefore when buying one, be sure to double check that the cream is actually a prevention cream as those who specialize in prevention usually do their job good. Whether it actually works or not, is best seen by its reviews.