How To Become Confident With The Best Stretch Mark Cream Stretch Marks

Isn’t it annoying, how no matter where you are from, no matter what you do in your life, you can still get stretch marks and your self esteem goes down the drain. However, not all is lost, so read on.

Stretch marks are something that almost everyone has at some point in their lives. Whether it be during puberty, weight loss or pregnancy, they are on the menu unless you were really fortunate in the gene department.

But for the rest of us, stretch marks are something we need to either deal with or go through the steps to removing them, once and for all.

Why is it crucial that you find your own treatment?

best-stretch-mark-creamImagine if you tried going to the grocery store and you try every single food, fruit, spice, anything that you can safely eat. Every single one.

What would happen?

While it may be a hit in the dark, chances are that the following will happen:

You will absolutely LOVE some foods and will want to buy more afterwards.

You will absolutely HATE some foods and will be awed how anyone in the world can eat something like it.

Some will give a “meh” feeling and you won’t consider picking them up ever again.

Some might even induce some rashes or allergies that you never knew you had.

But look at this. Imagine if you came in with your friend?

Chances are that his experience would be COMPLETELY different, he might love some foods that you hate, while hating some foods that you love.

It is the SAME with creams, no 2 creams work the same for everyone.

What would happen if you were only offered the regular white bread? But you need a 100% Full Wheat  because the regular brand has some issues for you?

It is the SAME with creams.

With creams, instead of different breads, you have different skin color, stretch mark color, age, budget, allergies. Which means that a cream that works for someone else, might have no effect on you at all!

The 6 Important Factors That Determine If The Cream Will Work For You Or Not

To recap, there are 6 important factors that determine if the cream you got is the best, or a flop.

Skin Color

Pale, white, olive, dark and many, many more. And every one of these skin colors responds differently, so using the same product for all of them is not a good idea if you want results. So if you read a recommendation from someone, unless you know their skin color, you can only guess the effect the cream will have on you.

Your Age

Age is as very important factor, as someone in their 20s usually needs a lot less unique treatment than someone in their 60s. In other words, if you are in your 20s and some homemade treatment worked for you, chances are it won’t work for your older relatives.

Stretch Mark Color

Another very, very important factor. If your stretch mark are red in color , they are really fresh and can be treated much easier and with less expense, so no need to spend a fortune on these. But in the case of white stretch marks, going the cheap road will in most cases just waste your money.


The key word here is hypoallergenic. To summarize, if a cream is hypoallergenic, its safe to use if you have any allergies as it was tested to not induce them at all. Same with this one, even though a cream may be the best thing ever to happen, if you have allergies and it is not hypoallergenic, you can’t touch it, unless you want to spend a few days at the hospital.

Now imagine buying a 6 month supply of the most expensive cream(200 – 300 $), because a friend of yours recommended it.. Just to find out that you can’t use it? Isn’t that a waste of time and money?

Purpose of The Cream

As with any cream, this is important as well. While most producers state this loud and clear, often there is confusion as to what the cream even does. Does it remove or does it prevent? And one that removes can be absolutely horrible at preventing, so knowing the purpose is winning half the battle.

Examples of Successfully Finding The Best Cream

Just to give you a few examples, you can see how this can be put into action without much hassle at all.

Example Number 1

  1. Age: Young Adult
  2. Skin Color: Pale / White
  3. Stretch Mark Color: White or Silver
  4. Purpose: To Remove
  5. Have allergies?: Yes

For the first example we will think of someone who has these details. What works the best for such a person?

The answer would be:


revitol-stretch-mark-creamWhy? Why of all the other creams is Revitol the best choice in this case?

  1. It has been confirmed working with people with pale/white skin color
  2. It has been confirmed with them that it does also work for white stretch marks.
  3. It’s main purpose is to remove.
  4. And it is also hypoallergenic.
  5. It has a 5 star review from us, as its other factors such as money-back guarantees are top notch!

And just like that, you can easily find your best cream, that will work for you!

Example Number 2

  1. Age: Adult
  2. Skin Color: Olive
  3. Stretch Mark Color: Red
  4. Purpose: To Remove
  5. Have allergies?: Yes

You can see that 3 of them were changed? If you were talking to a person in example 1, they would recommend you to try Revitol, since it worked for them! But it may not work as good for you as it will for them.

In this second case the best cream would be:


Skinception_Stretchmark-creamHey, why is Skinception here, and not revitol?

Isn’t Revitol supposed to be a 5 star cream that works the best?

This is where most reviews get it wrong. As said, if you only have a different skin color, the best solution will be different for you than the other person.

The reasons why Skinception is the best in this one, even though it got a 4 star rating from us, and not 5 are the following:

  1. Skinception works better for people with red stretch marks than any other cream. It may not work for white stretch marks, but for red ones it is the go-to cream.
  2. It works the best at removing red stretch marks.
  3. It works great with people who have olive colored skin.
  4. And it also is hypoallergenic.

Do you see how the best cream changed, just by altering a bit of the information?

Example Number 3

If not at least 3, then isn’t not worth even making an example, so here’s number three!

  1. Age: Adult
  2. Skin Color: Dark
  3. Stretch Mark Color: Nothing Yet
  4. Purpose: To Prevent
  5. Have allergies?: Yes

Do you see the difference? This would be the situation if you were currently pregnant and want to prevent new stretch marks that will come with pregnancy.

And just like before, the best cream that you could use is:


dermology-stretch-mark-creamYet another cream, completely on the other side. Because this time you want to prevent, Revitol or Skinception drop out right in the start, no matter how perfect they are. For Dermology, its the best for this situation because:

1. It works great for people with dark colored skin.

2. It has great reviews, making it one of the best prevention creams out there.

3. It is hypoallergenic, so no allergy reactions for you.


And just like that, you can see how everyone will get different results. Now you can search for yourself the perfect cream for you.

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