How Do You Remove or Fade Stretch Marks as Fast as Possible? Stretch Marks

Removing stretch marks and doing it fast is one of the most asked question and for a good reason! They can look awful and can really grind on your self confidence.

In essence, stretch marks appear because of different reasons such as weight gain, pregnancy, puberty and so on.

While the usual method would be to try using something homemade such as butters and oils, this is not the fastest way to do it. It is the cheapest, but not the fastest. Now that we have the goal of “fastest” in mind, lets dig in.

Removing Them As Fast As Possible

get rid of stretch marks fast
Removing, fast and stretch marks.

Those words are thrown around like its a convention sale on a Sunday, but do they even hold any weight?

Let us paint a picture of the situation that you have before you.

  • If you do not do anything to add to their healing, they can take YEARS to heal and even then, they will probably still be slightly visible. Think of that, years of putting up with that, not really something you would like to experience.

Now, what we recommend the most if you want to go straight to the point, don’t want to spend long hours testing different solutions, is to use a heavily reviewed cream that has good ratings.

  • Yes, they cost a bit more, but creams are basically 20 + homemade ingredients thrown together, while heavily tested to ensure you will have a good feeling when using them.
  • This means that even if a cream does not work, a homemade solution would not work as well, so you are basically doing a multiple test for the price of one.

Since many people have used it, even those who gave no attention to what it was even meant for and got great results, it won’t really matter where you have scars or your age or anything else.

Now, we still have no word of its speed?

As said, doing nothing takes years.

Creams on the other hand can only take weeks for a visible result to show.

What a trade, give a few coffees worth of money to be comfortable in your skin again, in only a few weeks?

But I Heard Surgery Is The Fastest Way!

skin and laser surgery
Now, it has to be mentioned that many people think surgery is the fastest way.

It is not so simple as it looks at first.

First off:

  • it costs a whole load of money, around as much to allow you to buy yourself a new car. A bit different than a few cups of coffee..
  • Another fact that is often forgotten to be mentioned is that the surgery itself will damage and scar the skin.
  • This means an additional 1 – 2 month of you having to put up with scars.
  • Meaning, it is not better whatsoever in speed compared to using cream solutions.

Also, finding a good doctor and scheduling enough appointments to finish up can take an extra month.

So are you willing to pay thousands of dollars, for the benefit of letting them cut you up?

So what about if I just want to fade them faster?

It is almost the same with fading, it is much easier to achieve, as even if you want to remove stretch marks, at first you will only start fading them.

It is the only completely certain goal, as no matter what striae complexity you have, they will always fade after using a healing solution for a few weeks, and fading even more after using it for longer.

  • This means, that the process is pretty much the same if you want to fade them as remove them.
  • Just that with fading there is more of a guarantee that you will achieve it.
  • This is true even if you have bad luck on deciding on a treatment.

And think about it, why are stretch marks affecting you? Maybe its just your confidence that needs boosting.