How Can You Lighten Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

Lightening stretch marks is a rather straightforward process , as it is much more feasible and plausible than to completely remove them. Removing them is much harder than just lightening them.

However, with the right knowledge, it can be a lot easier.

You can take different options depending on how much of an effect you desire. While those who wish to lighten stretch marks quickly or as fast as possible, there are ways to do so, each having their own sets of benefits and downfalls.

For example, here you have a before and after of a woman in her 30s who went with Option 2 in this list.

cream lightening

After only 1 month of using Revitol, the results were this great.

For a lightening, there are 2 recommended options that you can take.

You have even more options, but for the purpose of lightening, these 2 are the best to do so, without you needing to spend crazy amounts of your time or money.



This must be a joke, right?

Well no.

As weird as it seems, doing nothing is a viable option, as your skin will heal and lighten the stretches by itself over time.

While it does take time to do so, it works without any investment of time or money from your side.

Meaning at the end of the day, you do not need to lift a finger more than you do now.

Naturally, lessening the causes of stretches(being overweight for example) will prevent new scars from forming.


applying cream

The other option is to use lightening/recovery creams for scars that either increase the production of collagen, make your skin more elastic or more healthier in general. They also give it more vitamins and minerals and shortening the time it takes to lighten the stretches from a few years to a few weeks.

What a difference that is.

This option requires a bit more of a time investment in terms of daily appliances to your skin and a few donuts worth in money for getting the creams.

As to which one to get, either read reviews and pick one you like the most.

Of course you can always make your own homemade natural cream mix, using different ingredients that creams usually use.

This method takes a bit of more time for you to mix and obtain all the ingredients, but is usually cheaper as the ingredients are much fewer and easier to obtain directly from a retail store.



As said before, you haveĀ  more options to use, but these 2 are primarily used for lightening/reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

The exception here are creams, which are very different depending on what they were made for, so always read their product reviews for information on what exactly it is what they work against.

For these activities, there are also these options that did not make the lightening list:

  • Laser Surgery
  • Skin Surgery

Laser surgery is a costly and not always permanent solution to remove scars, while skin surgery is a very costly, permanent removal procedure. These 2 are mostly targeted for cutting out the skin or just speeding up the healing itself.

For the amount of money, which can buy you a new car, it is worth first giving a chance for the first options as they just might be enough for you to once again feel good in your skin.

There we go, all you need to know about lightening your striae. You can however check how to conceal them in the time you are waiting for the creams to start working.