The How To Guide To Acne and Pimples Acne

The questions, they never stop. How to avoid, how to prevent, how to remove or reduce or treat acne or pimples. And in this big guide, all the answers will be given, going straight to the point without any fluff.

How To Avoid And Prevent Acne Pimples


If you do not yet have acne, an applause is in order. A good job, good work kind of deal.

  • The reason being is that most people only seek a cure only after they have the problem.
  • For example, brushing (and flossing) your teeth daily will yield great benefits by severely increasing the time that your teeth will be in good health.
  • And you will be much more confident with white shiny teeth.
  • Same goes for pimples, most people only get upset about them once their whole face is riddled with them.
  • If only such a person had done some prevention, maybe all these headaches could be avoided.

But you are now in this position! So let’s prevent any new acne outbreaks!

  1. Your Face! Keep it clean! – The most important tip you could get, is to wash your face daily, preferably twice or trice a day. This will remove any “residue” like dead skin cells and excess sebum(the skin oil where acne can flourish) and prevent bacteria from having a party on your face. Remember to only use water and optionally a really mild soap, as using a strong shampoo or the like will just irritate your face, which is really not what you want.
  2. Your Pillow! Keep it clean! – If your sleeping length is average, then you probably sleep away 1/3rd of your day. That means that 1/3rd of your day, your face spends in contact with your pillow! It makes sense to keep such a place very clean if you want your face to stay clean as well. Best way to go at it, is to either clean the pillow sheets and change them every day, or place a clean towel over it every day, whatever is easier for you. This way, your face will have no contact with any bacteria that have gathered on the pillow.
  3. Go Homemade on your skin! – The cause of acne is largely attributed to excess sebum, the body oil that your skin produces. In this sebum the bacteria can comfortably reproduce and start outbreaking in the form of pimples. You could remove said pimples, but what if you go remove the source? The sebum itself? Well, this is where the homemade ingredients come into play. They have ingredients such as salicylic acid in the lemon, which dry your skin out of the sebum or ingredients such as sugar, which acts as a dermabrasion tool to remove dead skin cells. There are over 20+ ingredients which can be useful and you can view the full list in out biggest baddest homemade ingredients guide, right here.
  4. Your Hair! Keep it clean! – While keeping your hair clean is a good hygiene tip, it is the most important if your hair is long and in daily contact with your face. In that case, you have another outside contact with your face, potential bacteria, potential acne. So try using very mild shampoo, non-oily products since as you know, oily skin and hair is the perfect breeding place for bacteria. Also, minimize contact of your hair with your face.
  5. Go Pro on your skin! – While homemade ingredients have their charm and can even be effective in some cases… In most cases the amount and concentration of the ingredients is usually either too low to not potent enough to wager any long-term change. Therefore, using professional products with just the right amount of ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid (both proven to work great against removing excess sebum), is a very good idea. Just like with homamde ingredients, they remove excess sebum oil. Like destroying the house in which the bacteria live. You can see all the reviews of such products here.
  6. Makeup! No don’t just keep it clean! – Keeping your makeup clean is important, but that is not the point. The point is that makeup is yet another potential transfer of bacteria to your face, meaning that a constant use of makeup will just increase the chances of you getting acne. The best way to go about it, is to decrease usage (since stopping in this day and age is almost impossible, but if you can, then do so). Then after you are done, remove it completely from your face and definitely do not go to sleep with it still applied. That is like asking for an acne outbreak.
  7. Moisturize Your Skin! – This is especially important if you are using ingredients that dry your face, like the professional acne treatment products, or even some of the homemade ingredients, such as lemons. To not make your skin start completely drying and dying off, moisturize daily with mild moisturizers of your choice. Take care to find one that is labeled as “noncomedogenic” which means that that the ingredient itself will not cause acne and is safe to use.
  8. The Good Old Lifestlye Talk – You’ve heard it before, you’ve seen it before. Eating good foods in moderation, daily exercise, removing bad habits such as alcohol and tobacco, reducing stress in your life. While sometimes forgotten, you receive a greater benefit each and every day you follow good lifestyle practices. Not only in how you feel, but how you look as well.

And there you have it! Only 8 simple tips that unless you are severely prone to acne, should completely protect you from ever developing acne in your lifetime (unless you are going in puberty, as the hormones start going wild then, and there’s not telling if acne is on the list as well). Next up, if you already have acne and want to remove or reduce them!

How To Remove And Reduce Acne Outbreaks

acne remove

Treating acne is not as hard as everyone makes it seem, it might just take a bit of time, which will pass anyway, whether you do something about it or not. If you already have acne, an applause is also in order!

Because most people while they have a problem, they usually don’t want to do anything about it, or just want to “delay” it. But you decided to be proactive and to tackle the problem head on. So, let’s see how you can remove or reduce your acne pimples.

Most Important Tip

  1. Reread the WHOLE previous title on how to prevent or avoid acne. Seriously. Do it. EVERY, SINGLE, TIP. – This is because every single tip outlined before will also work with removing acne. While acne is caused by too much sebum, it’s the fact that the sebum is being constantly overproduced that makes the acne sustainable. Therefore, doing prevention treatment will either reduce or remove the sebum or reduce the bacteria by itself. And “poof”. No acne pimples.
  2. Test out what causes your pimples. – In some cases, there might be an irritant in the form of foods, shampoo, drinks or whatever comes into daily contact with your skin. In these cases, it is simpler to just remove the irritant. But but but. Finding out which irritant is causing it can take some time, as acne can take weeks to show improvements and can actually look like it’s getting worse for some time. So no, it is not easy, but it is simple. And once you find the reason, chances are that you won’t ever develop acne again, without using any drying ingredients, face masks, products and so on.
  3. Get some Lasers – Yes, even laser treatment is available for acne. While it is important to know that in most cases it is not permanent and that more visits are required to see an improvement. It is also not cheap, at least compared to the other solutions, such as the acne treatment creams. To see all the possible treatments explained in detail and whether they are worth going for, take a look at our full laser acne treatment guide here.

And the last one is done. Whether you are preventing, removing, reducing, treating your acne/pimples, the answer is simple. Keep it clean!