Going About Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy brings a lot of change into your life, both internal and external.

What also happens or has a very high chance of occurring, are stretch marks on the belly.

Preventing them, especially during the pregnancy when the skin is already being stretched, is no easy task and in the last month or 2 not much more can be done as most of the damage is already done by then.

However, as long as there are no visible scars yet, there is still enough time to take action and prevent them from appearing in the first place.

What happens to the skin during pregnancy?

pregnant woman

When you are pregnant, your skin is specially vulnerable as the skin, due to your baby, is stretched greatly around your stomach area.

This results in scars on the sides, which can range from barely noticeable to very noticeable.

The skin stretches the most in the later half of the pregnancy period, so if you are still in your first half, you need to take action as soon as possible, as you only have one chance at this.

The striae appear due to your skins middle layer, called the dermis, ripping and causing the other 2 layers to stretch freely.

Once this is done, the dermis is very hard to repair and in fact will never be repaired completely.

This is why the most people who have no scars have used prevention methods as preventing is much, much easier than curing it.

First keep yourself healthy

healthy fruits

The first and pretty important step to prevent striae, is to keep yourself in good health.

  • This means good hydration, to consume enough water daily, good eating habits, which means to eat enough vegetables and fruits for the micro nutrients that your body cannot produce on its own.
  • This also means not to overeat yourself.
  • Yes, you will have binges during pregnancy to suddenly stuff yourself full of a certain food.
  • And that is fine.
  • Just make sure that this is an exception and does not become a habit.
  • Also, try being active, even during pregnancy, just talk to your doctor before doing any activity and get an approval from him first.
  • With a healthy body, the skin will be more elastic and stronger and much less likely to have its dermis layer ripped.

Use prevention creams

pregnant woman applying cream

Now, you can be the healthiest person around, and still get striae.

Other than the usual creams for removing stretch marks, there are creams that also exist for their sole purpose to help prevent pregnant women from developing scars during and after their pregnancy periods.

These creams are mixed ingredients that when applied to your skin are absorbed and used in strengthening and making the skin more elastic, further lessening the chance of any scars appearing.

When finding one remember your skin color and any allergies that you may have.

When picking a cream, find ones that are geared towards preventing scars during the pregnancy.

Not hard to find as half of the creams on the market are made exactly for your needs.

Then just pick one that has favorable reviews.

Continue being healthy after the pregnancy

pregnant woman resting

While this is not preventing scars during pregnancy, it is very important that after you have your baby, you continue following the upper tips, as first, excess skin will remain due to the stretching which can in itself cause striae.

Afterwards it is recommended to slowly lose the accumulated weight with activity and good nutrition and you might just well get out of pregnancy without it leaving a permanent mark on your body.

How is your pregnancy going, is all well?


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