Get Rid Of Pregnancy Stretch Marks With The Best Creams Stretch Marks

Women, while not the only part of the population that is cursed with stretch marks, do indeed have much more of them during their lifetime.

The biggest reason is that women are the only ones that go through pregnancy.

And it is during pregnancy that over 80% of women get some degree of striae, in many cases the only time in their lifetime when stretch marks appear on their body at all.

When they do appear, they look like your skin was cut, and a different color from the original.

At this point, any preventive methods go right out the window, so if possible.. First prevent!

First is Preventing! If possible that is.

As said, if you already have stretch marks, not much can be done but to start removing them.

pregnancy stretch marks

If it’s like this, then preventing is out of the question.

Now for those that are either expecting to be pregnant soon or are in the middle of being pregnant, you are still in luck and can try preventing them.

What’s important is to go into action as soon as possible, as you only have one shot at this.

Fact is, prevention is much easier and more effective than removing stretch marks.

So to prevent them, you have 2 options that can both be followed for maximum results

  • Eat enough micro-nutrients (this means to eat your fruits and vegetables and the vitamin and minerals that they provide to feed your skin)
  • Creams, creams, creams (what they are, are just tested mixes of ingredients that deliver nutrients directly to your skin, in contrast it produces more collagen, start tightening up even more, and becomes as elastic as possible, in other words does everything in its power not to rip itself apart.)

For prevention this is all that can be done, take care to first at least find if the product you will be using will not affect your newborn in any way during pregnancy.

One more thing, you may be allergic to certain ingredients that you do not know, so it is recommended to use a hypoallergenic cream (a cream that does not induce any allergies) as getting a allergic reaction is not something you really want when pregnant.

And afterwards, Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks!

pregnant no stretch marks

The best way to do it is always prevention, but for those that were not aware that they have a high chance of scars during the pregnancy, the damage is already done.

  • And in many cases, unless nothing is done they will not heal completely even after a good amount of time.
  • To get rid of them is really dependent on how severe your scars are and your age.

This is because skin in the young years can very rapidly heal and as we get older, our skin loses its elasticity, less collagen is produced and thus becomes slower to heal.

Fact is, having scars can really dent your confidence, and make you even crankier now that you have a child to take care of.

No worries though, you will not need to go through anything extreme or any surgeries to get back your body before you were pregnant.

The most recommended path for postpartum women is to first start taking care of yourself again.

  • Correct nutrition (This does not mean you have to choke on vegetables, not at all, just maintain a good variety here.)
  • Exercise Of Some Sort (Again, this does not mean you need to go crazy with this, just as long as you are slowly loosing your leftover weight from pregnancy, it will make you feel a whole lot better in the long run, and when you get rid of those uncomfortable stretch marks, you will also have back a great beach ready body, to be able to go for a walk in your swimsuit with full confidence, that you do indeed look gorgeous.)
  • Both of these are great but to really speed it up (talking from a few years to a few weeks) then after pregnancy stretch mark creams come into place. No matter how healthy you are, if you won’t use creams, expect at least a year or 2 for results, but using creams, even those with the worst genes get results in at most 3 months.


And that’s all that it takes.

Since like 50% of creams are centered directly for women like you, your task is much easier as you will have more user reviews to make the best decision.

Know that every cream will almost always have negative reviews, no matter how great or bad it actually is.

What is also important to find a cream that will work best for you, is to find one that has had great results for pregnant women who used it during their pregnancy.

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