Find Your Stretch Mark Remedy From These Simple 6 Steps Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a condition that a great amount of people develop at some point in their life and many would try any remedy to reverse this. Now, how severe the scars become and at which areas they appear is completely different for everyone.

But because we are all humans (probably), we all have the same core functions that run our body the way it is supposed to.

The function that is the cause of scars is the dermis layer of the skin. It is the layer of the skin that is located between the outer and inner layer, effectively being the glue that holds them together.

When the skin is in a position that it stretches beyond its regular place, that is when the dermis is put under pressure. If the layer is not strong enough, it rips, allowing the other two layers to expand. This expanding is what can be seen as red striae on your skin as the upper layer is not in hold by the dermis.

Once they appear, they can be quite problematic to get rid of and to find a working remedy. While different for everyone, there are a number of stretch mark remedies that will work for you, regardless of your skin color, age, nutrition.

Yet the effect that these remedies will probably be different for you than someone else, so testing as many of them to see the effects is a great way to go about it.

Correct Nutrition / Hydration

correct nutrition fruits

What is important with nutrition is that you are careful about the foods that you consume.

This does not mean choking on vegetables or fruits for the rest of your lives. This means eating meals that are full of vitamins, micro nutrients that your skin needs to work correctly and that you do not have any rapid weight changes as those can also cause stretch marks themselves.

With hydration, it is only important to drink enough water every day. Remember, every time you feel thirsty, the body is already dehydrated, so drink enough so that you are not thirsty all the time.

Regular Activity


As any doctor would tell you, regular activity is not only important for your skin to be more elastic and have the correct amount of collagen being produced, but also your body as a whole, increasing cardiovascular health and improving your well being too.

Any activity that increases your heart beat for a certain amount of time is great, be sure to check with your doctor if the activity you want to do is not dangerous to your health.

Homemade Stretch Mark Remedies

homemade remedies

Made at home, but nonetheless can be a good remedy especially if you use good ingredients in your homemade mix. Because of it being completely in your hands, it is also a bit less effective than using any commercial, tested creams.

It can however, work good enough for only a fraction of the price of the original cream as the ingredients can mostly be bought in your nearest convenience store for a few bucks.

Reading a good guide on which ingredients to pick also helps.

Commercial Stretch Mark Remedies

stretch mark creams

With commercial creams, they have the positive of them being tested, reviewed and used widely enough to warrant if it is the right fit for you as well. But not all creams are great or even work, regardless of how much their official site brags about.

What is important is to find a cream that fits your needs and money limit and is one that has a history or reviews of working as desired.

Surgery with Lasers

laser skin surgery

Lasers are being used for many different purposes in medicine, one of them is to use the laser to penetrate your skin and create small damages around the scar, stimulating the healing process.

While this is a viable method to use, only use it if you have used other methods with no luck whatsoever. Also, it is beneficial to have a center near your location as multiple visits are required to see any effect at all and if your money limit is higher as they can cost a good amount of money (5000$+).

Skin Surgery

female doctor

While laser surgery is not directly intruding the skin, using skin surgery is a more direct approach. With this surgery, your scars are basically cut out of your skin removing those scars permanently from that area.

Because of this, it is the only certain permanent removal methods, but comes at a very high price (10000$+) and also takes a long time to heal after the surgery, so be prepared for the downtime. It is great for removing, but does nothing for preventing, so if you get new stretch marks after the surgery, you will need to remove them again.

Which remedy sounds the best to you?