Dealing with Skin Tags – The Complete Body Guide Skin Tags

If you are like most people, you like guides. And it makes sense.

They are easy to read.

They give you all the information you want fast.

They make learning about something really easy.

And if they’re not written by a 5-year old (unless it’s a guide on how to walk on 2 legs), they’re worth reading in full detail.

Such a guide on skin tags is in front of you. So let’s get cracking, shall we?


The Skin Tag Body Guide


If you have taken a peek at our other smaller guides which answer a few questions instead of a full guide, you have probably learned the following:

  1. What a skin tag even is?
  2. Why do you have them?
  3. How they can be different in color and size and what to do about it?
  4. If skin tags do or do not induce cancer or diabetes, as proven by studies.
  5. That skin tags are NOT dangerous in themselves. While not a good idea, like throwing yourself on concrete, you could just take a knife and cut that sucker out, medieval style. While the pain would be unbearable, you COULD do it. But you SHOULDN’T.
  6. Skin tags have like 4 different ways to remove them, some cost more, some hurt more, some take more time.

We’ve covered all the possible dangers(or lack thereof) and the possible removal methods.

And even what to do if it hurts or is infected.

This information can be found in their respective guides on our website or by following the linked articles.

Let’s take another look at an example.

You are walking one day to your favorite mall, pick up your favorite meal and go back home.

When you are putting the groceries away, you spot a skin tag on your neck!

  • It’s big! It’s red! It’s hideous!

Maybe if you took a look at some other articles, your first thought might be “Cut it! I want it gone right here right now!”.

And then you take a pair of your favorite scissors and cut that thing out of there.

  • But then, a red stream of blood start gushing out!

It was big skin tag and near a big vein in your body, so it started gushing blood like a broken hydrant.

You rush to the bathroom, try to soak it in.

  • It hurts, you’re in pain and the towel that you used is getting completely red.

Only after some time can the second towel stop it.

  • And then… You might wonder, who said this is was a good idea?

Well, that’s the thing. Cutting your skin tag might be a good idea IF its the right size and on the right location.

So it’s VERY important to follow specific instructions for each body part.

So, let’s get started!

0. Skin Tag Tip That Applies Everywhere

Many Skin Tags

If you have many skin tags, you have to make a simple choice.

  •  Do I want to keep cutting them/knotting them over and over again?
  •  Or do I prefer using a cream and just apply it once at a time?

1. Skin Tags on Your Neck


You probably know already, but your neck is really important, since it connects your brain to everything else.

Your brain needs an enormous amount of energy and blood to function.

Remember when you check your pulse? You touch your neck.

  • Small skin tags

If they are very small, smaller than a rice grain, then feel free to use your favorite method or removal, as ANY method is safe to use in this situation.

  • Medium skin tags

You can classify them as medium when they are around the size of a rice grain.

At this point, all of the methods still more or less work the same.

But, be prepared to experience some blood and pain if you decided to cut them out using scissors.

  • Large skin tags

A tag that is large coupled with a location close to a blood vein is a recipe for disaster if not treated correctly.

Just like in the above story, you will experience severe pain and bleeding (the larger it is, the worse it gets) if you decide to take matters into your own hands.

Safest way is to just use a natural removal cream, like Revitol, the current highest rated skin tag removal cream, as of 2014.

2. Skin Tags on Your Armpit


Due to the friction(allegedly but not proven), armpits are the most frequent area that skin tags show up.

  • Small skin tags

Due to the armpit being a very sensitive area(ever tried pinching your skin there?), any sort of metal is a no no, so the only thing that might be worth considering is using a dental floss to knot it.

If it’s too much of a hassle, you can still try using creams.

  • Medium skin tags

Same as before, the medium size is small enough to not create any bleeding or medical problems.

  • Large skin tags

Here is where the tables turn. As said before, a skin tag near a blood vein is a big problem.

And like any problem, you treat it smart.

And the smartest thing here is to call your dermatologist to cut it out for you / operate on it.

If you don’t like doctors or showing your skin tags to someone else, creams may be a viable alternative.

3. Skin Tag on Your Groin


Your groin. You probably don’t want to show it to anyone.

You might also not want any sort of metal close to it.

Therefore, it is the most straightforward one.

  • If you have small or medium skin tags, either use a dental floss or creams.
  • If you have larger skin tags, dental floss may induce too much pain, so creams are recommended.

4. Skin Tags on Your Eyelids


Unless you never blink, this is the location where everyone can see the skin tag.

Not fun and the one place that should be the first on your list for skin tag removal.

  • Small + Medium + Large skin tags

Do NOT in any situation take scissors anywhere near your eyes.

Unless you get a skilled doctor to do it for you, cutting them yourself is really dangerous, no matter how careful you think you are.

Now dental floss isn’t “dangerous”, however imagine how you will look with that thing tied in a knot on your head?

Prancing about, trying to blink with that big knot tied on your eyelid, remembering it every time you blink and hating it every second you have it on.

Not really an ideal treatment.

So either get a cream so you can still live a normal life while you are using it, or get a doctor to do it for you.

And if you have a large skin tag.. How can you even blink? Get it removed!

5. Skin Tags on Your Breasts / Chest


Breasts are really tender. Especially around the nipples.

So you can pretty much guess which treatment methods won’t make it.

That’s right!

Unless it’s small and not near your nipple, using scissors is a very bad idea which can go bad.. fast.

  • Small Skin Tags

Anything else BUT scissors works fine.

  • Medium + Larger Skin Tags

If you think you can handle it and it’s not too close to the nipple, you can still try tying a knot around it.

However, either a doctor or a cream solution is recommended if you prefer not showing your breasts just for a “pimple sized grain” on your chest.

6. Skin Tags on Your Anus


That’s right! You can ever get it on your anus. 

And you know what?

We’ve already taken a thorough look at what to do when you have a skin tag on your anus area.