Can Stretch Marks Even be Removed Once They Appear? Stretch Marks

Asked so many times, can stretch marks be removed. Contradicting evidence is everywhere, from those saying that it is completely possible and that everyone can be cured, to those saying that every solution is just a scam and that once they appear they are there to stay forever.

The actual answer is much more in the gray area and should be taken with a grain of salt.

The answer:

YES, they can be removed once they appear..

BUT, be cautious with this answer as it is not as simple as it sounds. Read on.

Why is it not as simple?


First, lets see the structure of stretch marks as a whole.

  • The layer of the skin that is the most responsible for scars appearing is the middle layer between the inner and outer layer, called the dermis layer.
  • When your skin is stretched rapidly from its original state, this is the layer that keeps the skin from ripping itself apart.
  • Because of this, it is the first one to get ripped.
  • When this happens the other layers can flow from each other resulting in stretched skin.
  • And once the dermis layer is ripped, it does heal itself over time, but never to its original state, that is why many scars can never be completely removed, but can fade to an indistinguishable color from the skin.

While it depends on the persons health, hydration, nutrition, genetics, age and activity, the healing can range from anywhere from a few months to a few years. If you leave it alone for the skin to do it’s job.

Not satisfied with the inept healing ability of your skin?


Now that you know how it works, lets see what can be done to accelerate the healing time.

Firstly, using a plethora of different products, creams, oils, lotions you can improve the healing properties of your skin.

This is possible because of the ingredients in these creams, mostly tested and proven to have a positive effect on the skin.

In this stage, it is important to identify which one would be good for your type of skin color, age, type since not all creams work equally on all of them.

What about if I want to do it at home?


You can do the same at home by buying a few of these ingredients yourself and applying the mixed raw form yourself.

Before doing anything yourself though, check this guide so you can know which ingredients are even worth using.

The other method is to schedule a laser treatment. Similarly, the dermis layer is stimulated for faster healing. It does cost much more in comparison to buying a cream product and does not deliver any nutrients to your skin, so after the treatment you are exactly the same as you were, minus the striae.

There is one treatment that is a permanent solution and does not require you to wait for your skin to heal those scars.

This treatment is surgery.

With it, stretch marks are directly cut out of your skin.

While straightforward, remember this.

  • It costs a great amount of money (up to 20000$ for multiple areas scar removal) and since this is a procedure cutting into your skin, it will need to heal the surgery scars.
  • So downtime is still going to happen and is not an instant quick fix that many hope it is.
  • Use only when all the cheaper methods have failed to show results, as most of the time they are enough to satisfy your needs.



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