Big Question : Why Do I Even Have Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks

This is a question that is asked by so many people, especially those who never had stretch marks for a long time, and now suddenly half of their body seems to be riddled with them.

And to top it of, they did not do anything different from their ordinary routines, the striae just appeared out of thin air.

This question is best answered by first showing their purpose, how they form and what you can do after they have formed.

First.. How and Why do Stretch Marks Form?

skin structure

In the upper picture you can see 3 layers.

The ones that we will be focusing on is the epidermis and dermis.

  • And as such, when you get some stretch marks, it is in these 2 layers where all the work takes place.

When your skin is stretched too much for an extended amount of time(pregnancy, being overweight or other causes) or is unable to hold its elasticity, it literally rips the dermis layer and the epidermis (the one layer that you can see) follows along.

So that your skin does not create a health risk by opening a wound in that area, it is slowly ripped while still staying together.

This is why the skin that remains in the stretch mark is a different color, no hair pores. Basically the same amount of cells need to be spread over a wider area.

stretch marks example picture

Example of aged “white” stretch marks, you can see how the skin has been ripped apart.

When this process is done, you can see several reddish scars on that area, which means that the skin is thinner since it had to thin itself to accommodate a larger surface.

So what does this mean for you?

  • Looking at it from a medical perspective, stretch marks are actually signs that your body is using its natural defenses correctly and is not putting you at any risk.
  • Looking from a visual one, it is clear why so many people cannot stand their own scars and wish them gone, even if they are just a bi-product of a defense mechanism in your body.

It is quite frankly a decision between having a few scars which can be treated afterwards or having a health risk happen right there.

But still.. those stretch marks look bad, and you want them gone.

What happens after the stretching is over?

after stretching

When your skin is done stretching, that is when it begins to regain its elasticity and tries to return to its previous state.

  • On its own, it can do a decent job, especially for younger people when the skin is still vibrant and quick to heal.
  • No matter what, the scars never ever go away on themselves, meaning that even if you take great care of your body in a few years there will still be a slight reminder left there.

Now for those who desire a removal to the point when you can’t see them, it is important to help your skin as much as you can.

And when the stretch marks are gone, your skin will have been feed so many nutrients and grown so strong during this time that if you continue using it, any new scars have more or less a zero chance of ever appearing.

So, a double win!


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