Best Ways for Covering Stretch Marks Using Makeup Stretch Marks

Creams, surgeries, needles all take some time to give results, so in the mean time, you are still stuck with the stretch marks you got.

Since nothing can be done in terms of instant removal and even the fastest treatment methods can take some time, covering them up is the next best thing.

To do this, we know of 2 different types of coverup. The first way is using various makeup methods to blend the area of the scars with the rest of the skin so it looks like no scars were every even present.

And the second is a bit more long-term and might be enough to last until the end of your treatment session, it is to get a fake tan applied to your skin.

Lets see how to approach both of these methods.

Makeup for stretch marks

different tan colors

Using makeup to temporarily cover scars is a pretty short term solution and needs to be redone everyday as it gets smudged even after just a shower or a gentle rubbing. Of course, using face makeup

It is however a valid solution if the marks bother you enough so that you wish to conceal them, without going nuts with removing them, or when you are waiting for the healing to show some results.

Before you do apply any sort of makeup, at any time of the day, remember to have your skin exfoliated (not necessarily the same day, once a week is fine), so the cream is applied to the new layer of the skin, not the dead one on top.

Now for actual makeup, you have 4 different options, choose the one that is most convenient for you.

  • Using a body foundation cream, it is important to use it after an evening shower, as the skin will be the most supple at that point and in the best state to hold the applied cream for a long time. This helps immensely when you plan on concealing your stretch marks for a longer time.
  • Create your own tan, this is a shortcut of using a professional fake tan and in most cases using a spray tan that you can buy on your own should suffice, unless the stretch marks are really visible, in that case you might want to consider getting a fake tan, which is explained down below. Here’s how to do it correctly.
  • Use a concealer solution, this means that you will need to invest in a paintbrush that will be used to apply the concealer to your skin. Before using it, check that the concealer color is as close to your original skin color, you may apply more of it to get different tints, but big changes in color are not happening so be sure to try it out first, preferably at a convenience store.
  • Use regular makeup to conceal your skin. This is the most straightforward method, just apply the body makeup directly on the skin until the desired result is achieved. Also the most short-term, which works fine in a pinch, but for a makeup to hold the full day without getting on your clothes is very rare, so only use this method when in a pinch.

Which products and concealers to actually use are completely irrelevant for this guide as everyone has a different skin type, color, age so giving a recommendation that would work for everyone is impossible.

You can however follow the notion of them at least being waterproof and decently resistant, so it will stay on your skin for as long as possible.

Fake tan for stretch marks

tan difference

And lastly, a the fake tan method of covering up your stretch marks. Using a fake tan requires a bit less time to invest in finding the right solution, however can be a bit pricier since it is recommended to have it done by a professional, because if you give yourself a bad fake tan, it can create problems like really messy clothes or carpets that won’t was h easily.

It does however last longer than makeup, but needs to be reapplied from time to time as well, so in the long run you probably spend the same for similar results, compared to regular makeup.

The cost of such a tan is roughly centered around 30$ and lasts longer than other concealing methods as said before.

This works best when used hand in hand with a healing solution like lotions as they are not oily and absorb easily. If you used lotions, the fake tan would get in the way and block the oil from being absorbed, so make sure to use a lotion or cream solution and not an oil, like Bio Oil.

However, this only works for a fake tan, as if you naturally tan, your skin will tan, but your stretch marks will not tan, making them stand out that much more.

So if you do want to get a tan, get a fake tan if your goal is to cover up your stretch marks.