The Best Way to Treat Baby Acne Acne

Babies are surprisingly prone to acne, especially in their first year.

The reason?

No actual facts have been researched, however it is suspected that the hormones of the mother, now with the baby, start to function and start to produce excess sebum, which clogs the glands. More or less your usual reason for acne to appear. And as we all know, babies don’t really care if they get messy or if they touch their face, so it’s that much easier for the acne to appear.

Other outside sources that may aggravate the skin include milk, different cloths, soaps or even towels.

Is it worth treating?

acne baby

Acne in babies is very short lived and if your baby has acne, chances are that it will be gone in a short time. That said, it is unpleasant looking at your own child with acne, so treating is a very used possibility.

The Best Way To Treat Baby Acne


First off, what to avoid:


  • The usual acne treating methods do NOT apply here.
  • This especially means using acne removal creams with ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide or any sort of acid. Your babies skin is far too undeveloped to be able to handle such ingredients without any damage to the skin itself.
  • This means that using any reviewed creams on this site on the baby is a very, very bad idea.
  • Avoid using soaps during the procedure as sometimes it may be the soap that is causing the acne
  • Do not use any force or dermabrasion methods. The babies skin is far too young to require any scrubbing.


And, what you can do to treat it:


The only real improvement is simply washing your child with water and possibly some mild soap for example.

  • Try cleaning the face first with water, then if after 3 weeks no changes occur, use the mild soap for another 3 weeks. By then, it should clear.
  • Use baby wipes to gently dry your child’s face, this will remove excess oil that the skin is producing.
  • Try changing your diet one food at a time if you are breastfeeding, as the child might receive the irritant through your skin.
  • Some mothers have reported the opposite, that the milk itself can be used on the face as a good anti-acne ingredient.
  • Baby powder, and applying it directly to the acne has helped in some situations.


If you decide to treat your baby or not, remember that the acne will disappear on its own regardless of your involvement. This usually happens in less than three months.

Only then if the acne still persists, take your child to a doctor as if the acne persists for such a long time, there might be other hormonal issues present.