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As harmless as skin tags appear to be, they can put a big dent on your confidence and well being. It is because they look so out of place and can itch or generally be uncomfortable that the desire to remove them is so great.

And the first problem that comes up.. Is that there is almost a lack of good skin tag removal products. Yes, you would not believe how many products there are, yet how many fail to deliver any results.

However, not all is lost. Through extensive reviewing of multiple skin tag solutions, we have complied our top 3 for this year. This is updated every month, so if you are reading this, it is up to date and you can be sure that you are getting the best treatment, right here, right now for removing your skin tags, once and for all.

When reviewing, the highest care has been given to be as objective as possible, as only results matter here, nothing else.

For this, we have scored the solutions in the following areas:

  • Customer Support – If by any chance, something goes amiss, you want to have splendid customer support. Otherwise the whole experience ends up leaving a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Money Back Guarantee – This way, you can test out the product safely and keep it only if it actually works. This also insures, that you are not paying for bad products.
  • Time to see Results – While some treatments work well, they might take months to start working, time which you might not have or are simply not willing to wait for so long.
  • User ReviewsStrapping a perfect score on a product is easy. Having perfect user reviews.. Not so much.
  • Smell – Some treatments smell atrocious, while others smell incredible. This may be the difference between using it for a day or month, due to you unable to bear it’s smell anymore.
  • Cost / Results Ratio – A product can be the best thing in all the world, but it needs to be reasonably priced for the results it gives.

Current Best Skin Tag Removal Creams in Jan 2019

3. Dermisil Skin Tag Removal Cream

Because there are not a lot of well known solutions to get rid of skin tags, even a seemingly average product was able to get into the top 3. It is by no means bad, but user reviews show it not performing that great. If they are to be trusted, even though this is a top 3 product, you might want to find a better alternative.

Customer Support Average
Money Back Guarantee Changes where you buy.
Time to see Results Unknown
User Reviews Negative
Smell Bad
Pregnancy Safe No
Cost / Results Ratio Bad
Cost 39.99$

Skin Tag Removal : Dermisil Review

2. Dermatend Rating Chart

This cream comes as a pretty good solution, but fails short as the user reviews still put it only around average. As of now, it is not the best cream if you want to get rid of skin tags, however it is a decent alternative if nothing else works for you. It might be a great pick if you have exhausted all other possible treatments.

Customer Support Good
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
Time to see Results 2 Weeks
User Reviews Average
Smell Bad
Pregnancy Safe Unknown
Cost / Results Ratio Rather Bad
Cost 39.95$

Skin Tag Removal : Dermisil Review


Official Dermatend Website

1. Revitol Skin Tag Rating Chart

revitol skin tag removal cream
While it does not create miracles, at this time revitol’s skin tag removal cream has the best user reviews and has the highest ratings. It is not even close to perfect and if there was a better solution, it would be number one. But right now, if your goal is to remove skin tags, this one might give you the best chance to do so.

Customer Support Great
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days
Time to see Results 2-4 Weeks
User Reviews Mostly Positive
Smell It may smell.
Pregnancy Safe Yes
Cost / Results Ratio Good
Cost 39.99$

Skin Tag Removal : Revitol Review


Official Revitol Website

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