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Acne by itself is a rather interesting concept. Your skins skin system clogs itself with its own oil, and bacteria can settle in rather easily and start bursting out the acne pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and even cystic acne. A really uncomfortable situation to say the least.

And while removing acne is not only possible with full acne solutions, but also with homemade ingredients and even laser surgery..

It is the fastest and most effective treatment method available right now.

To compare, laser treatments have around 50% of a success rate. In comparison, the top acne solution has a whooping 90% success rate, while having none of the bad side effects such as possible burns.

But even within the so called OTC(over-the-counter, non-prescribed) solutions, there are both really good and really bad treatments, so a good comparison such as this is exactly what will make the difference between you wasting your time OR having no more acne on your body.

Here are the points that had priority in the reviews:

  • Customer Support – If by any chance, something goes amiss, you want to have splendid customer support. Otherwise the whole experience ends up leaving a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Money Back Guarantee – This way, you can test out the product safely and keep it only if it actually works. This also insures, that you are not paying for bad products.
  • Time to see Results – While some treatments work well, they might take months to start working, time which you might not have or are simply not willing to wait for so long.
  • User ReviewsStrapping a perfect score on a product is easy. Having perfect user reviews.. Not so much.
  • Smell – Some treatments smell atrocious, while others smell incredible. This may be the difference between using it for a day or month, due to you unable to bear it’s smell anymore.
  • Cost / Results Ratio – A product can be the best thing in all the world, but it needs to be reasonably priced for the results it gives.

The Best Performing Acne Treating Solutions in Jan 2019

3. Acnezine Acne Treatment Solution

A company well known for their stretch mark and skin tag solutions, they have also made a product to help you with your acne. Looking at the reviews, it is a good solution, however, it still stands in the area of average, therefore this might be a good pick if your acne is mild or if you have tried every other solution that has better user reviews.

Customer Support Great
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days
Time to see Results 4-6 Weeks
User Reviews Half / Half
Smell Neutral
Pregnancy Safe Yes
Cost / Results Ratio Average
Cost 39.95$

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Acnezine Acne Solution Review

2. Proactiv Acne Treatment Solution

A full on acne solution, this is a very solid product to remove/control acne breakouts. User reviews are above average and their other benefits are good as well. You would do well to at least consider giving this product a go if you are on a journey to treat your acne.

Customer Support Good
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
Time to see Results 4-16 Weeks
User Reviews Decent
Smell Neutral
Pregnancy Safe Yes
Cost / Results Ratio Good
Cost 39.95$

Proactiv Acne Solution Review


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1. Exposed Acne Treatment Solution

At this point, the exposed acne removal solution pretty much has the best user reviews and has the highest chance to remove or drastically reduce your breakouts. Unless something is already working out for you, this might be your best bet to finally get rid of that pesky acne.

Customer Support Great
Money Back Guarantee 1 YEAR
Time to see Results 4-8 Weeks
User Reviews Excellent
Smell Neutral.
Pregnancy Safe Yes
Cost / Results Ratio Good
Cost 59.95$

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Exposed Acne Solution Review

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