Been Working Out, Got Stretch Marks! What To Do? Stretch Marks

After diligently working out, you would expect only positive changes to happen, not getting stretch marks from doing something that is good for your body. It makes no sense!

But looking at it from a physical standpoint, your body does not know that you are doing this to keep it healthy, it only knows that it is under stress, that it is not usually under such high stress and is forced to change if it wants to keep up.

So what it does is two things.

  1. If you are working out while keeping good nutrition, it uses up its fat reserves. When said fat stores are being burned up, in some cases your skin cannot tighten fast enough and starts to hang in the form of excess skin. This excess skin will then continue to pull on your skin for even more stretch marks.
  2. The other path that it takes is building more muscle if it wants to keep up with the work. By doing this, the muscles increase the pressure on your skin and just like that.. more stretch marks from an expansion of tissue from within.

Okay, we know what happens, but… What to do about it?

working out

Now that they are here, talking anything about preventing is like trying to fix the brakes after you have crashed. You’re affected by it already, and the only time prevention comes into place is if you are worried that any new stretch marks might show up. However, using something like a cream or homemade solution will also mildly prevent new scars, so you have that covered.

But the damage is already done and you have to either deal with it, or do something to make it better.

You are not alone in this though, millions of others have stretch marks somewhere on their body as well, even if they don’t show them all the time.

To fix the damage that has been done, removal is the first thing that comes to mind.

If left alone, the skin is pretty decent at healing, but on its own it doesn’t really care about how you look, so even years later, you will still have some remnants of the stretch marks in the shape of whiter, thinner stretch marks.

But you don’t want that, you are working out and want to show that great body of yours from time to time, without thinking twice if anyone will see your stretch marks and without feeling self conscious about your body.

Still nothing about what I can ACTUALLY do?

healthy gym training

Alright, the fact that you are working out is already a big hurdle that a ton of people can’t overcome, so you are already in the lead.

Extending this to other healthier habits is a great way to speed up the recovery.

  • While the skin is repairing, it needs enough nutrients.
  • Vegetables, fruits can provide all of the required micro nutrients that your skin needs.
  • Getting enough water each day is almost required, even if you do not have scars.

If your habits are at least half decent, your skin can do a good job at repairing them by itself, but as said before, even with a perfect lifestyle, without some outside help, the skin won’t do a perfect job at it and perfect skin is almost impossible if left alone.

But you want it to do a perfect job!

As you probably guessed, just being healthy is not the only thing you can do.

To possibly achieve a full fading/visual removal, you can enlist the help of natural ingredients that apply micro-nutrients directly to your skin and increase collagen production, while making your skin more elastic. These ingredients are easily obtainable, sometimes even from your backyard and can be used when your budget is tight. But because you usually get what you pay for, the results are nothing special most of the time.

If you do not want to tackle the testing of ingredients to see which one works for you, there is an option to purchase a clinically tested stretch mark cream that usually have at least 10 – 50 different ingredients that each has a certain benefit in the repair process. Creams have the benefit of being tested by thousands of other people from which you can truthfully learn if it’s any good or not.

In this case, you only need to find one that has good user reviews and usually just a few days later you will be able to get started. Just remember, the sooner you start, the faster you will get results and will be able to strut around in your model-like body sooner, without those annoying striae marks.


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