Aloe Vera, a Miracle Cure for Acne? Acne

We humans have been using Aloe Vera since.. Well a very long time ago, in the ages when slaves still existed and someone’s greatest achievement in life is to live past their 50’s. And even in such uncertain times, this plant was the go-to resource for pretty much every skin related problem that existed at the time.

While chances are they didn’t care as much for acne as we do now, they probably still treated it in some way.

To summarize, Aloe Vera has skin healing properties that help your skin recover faster from burns, damages, scars and so on. Even annoying problems like mosquito bites that cause itching can be soothed using some aloe gel. It is really a one of a kind “good for everything” skin solution.

But is it a miracle cure?


That is a definite no.

There is no such thing as a miracle cure. Some creams come close with their improvement rates, but there is no miracle cure. Aloe Vera is good for reducing the swelling of the acne and lessening the scars. But as you know, acne is created when too much sebum is produced and bacteria can have a party on the overflowing sebum, resulting in acne outbreaks.

Well is it at least a decent cure?

This time, maybe. And maybe only because of what it can do for you, not for your acne.

As said before, Aloe Vera heals the “after effects” of the infection / acne outbursts. However, it does very little to prevent or remove the source. The source of acne are the sebaceous glands in your dermis layer of the skin (in the middle).

For example:

  • Laser treatments attack the sebum producing glands themselves, pretty much denying any production of sebum to take place, removing the problem at it’s source.
  • Not all of the treatments employ this tactic though, some also stimulate the collagen growth for your scars to heal faster.
  • Creams employ a different tactic, clearing the pores without destroying them and removing any bacteria that may have taken shelter in the sebum.


Well how can Aloe Vera help you treat your acne?


aloe vera

While directly pretty ineffective against acne, it has other uses that will come very handy if you wish that your acne will be removed for a long time, and not just for a few weeks.

  • Create a face mask – this is especially great if you use a natural cut aloe gel, meaning the one that you receive directly from a cut leaf. This way, you will be applying nothing but completely natural ingredients. Blend, mix, until you receive a nice texture and put said mixture in the fridge. It will last for a few days, so you can either use it as daily mask when resting or a night mask before you go to sleep.
  • Use it as a moisturizer – While acne on it’s own can be a bit too much as a moisturizer, when mixed with a drying oil such as Jojoba Oil, then it becomes a great skin moisturizer, which helps a lot for keeping your skin moisturized and in top shape to fight of infections.


To recap, Aloe Vera is pretty much ineffective against acne directly.

However, it is an excellent skin enhancer, which if used with other acne removal products that actually remove acne, will prove to be the best combo you could imagine.

Both methods have been tried by thousands of people and some reported an improvement after only 1 try of a ingredient or product. The only thing that remains is for you to give it a try and see what works for you.