After Weight Loss Stretch Marks Guide Stretch Marks

Losing weight is a spectacular achievement, and if you have been able to do so, hats off to you.

Now, during the time when your weight is high, the skin also has to work harder to keep itself intact. Imagine lifting a rock versus lifting a piece of paper. Much easier in one case and much harder in the other. Another strain on the skin happens when those who have lost weight, the loose skin usually stays behind. Not always, but the more weight you have lost, the higher the chance of some of the skin not stretching back in.

weight loss stretch marks

And it is because of this strain that stretch marks are so common for anyone who has recently lost weight.

A similar thing happens for those who just work out, but get stretch marks as well.

  • But be happy about it. As it is still the best option, as remaining a higher weight would only put more pressure over time, so by losing weight you effectively prevent all or most new stretch marks from appearing.
  • This is of course not a 100% chance of never getting them again, but now, instead of having a 90% chance of getting stretch marks, you have.. maybe around 5% depending on how well you score in these causes of stretch marks.

But hey, you might have lost weight and now you got annoying stretches, you didn’t sign up for this no matter how “good” it should suppose to feel! Even with your improved confidence, your goal is that gorgeous no scars, ready to go to the beach on a sunny day in summer, body.

And really, losing weight was probably one of the best decisions you will make in your lifetime, as EVERYTHING, again, EVERYTHING will be better, how you feel, how you interact with people, and many many more benefits. Not to mention the confidence and the certainty that you look gorgeous!

But yeah, you still got those stretch marks that you have, out of here.

For this reason, the following guide of 3 straightforward and direct steps will allow you to get rid of this last barrier that is preventing you from having the best body in your life!

The 3 Step Guide To Removing Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

after weght loss stretch marks


  • Get enough micro-nutrients through your food / drink plenty water / be active / optionally continue losing weight if you are not yet at your recommended weight (not much additional money or time needed, can be effective against red stretch marks, white ones will only fade).
  • Use a home remedy type where you mix at least 2 ingredients together and apply it to your skin (cheapest solution, yet also possibly the least affective as the result is completely dependent on whether you use the right ingredients)
  • Use clinically tested creams to help you to reduce or even remove your remaining stretch marks (read reviews on-site to find one that works for you, decent price and good results are usually seen within 1-3 months, most work great against red scars and a few even against greatly reducing white ones)
  • Use a dermaroller (With a dermaroller, you use a needling contraption that pokes you, creating damages that speed up healing. You can do it at home, but it is important to read a micro needling guide for it as there is a small risk of infection if you are not careful. It is a bit pricier than creams)
  •  Get laser surgery (Mentioned so that you can see what exists, but not recommended at all, as you will need to spend a truckload more of money, for barely any added benefit, compared to cheaper ones)
  • LET OTHERS KNOW ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE (the best way to accurately determine which cream is for you is through other users who have actually tested the method, with little bias to any marketing, only results, so letting everyone know of your experience will help others who are currently in the same predicament as you.)

And once again, be happy about it. Removing stretch marks is like a drop in the bucket compared to the effort you needed to put in for losing weight. Especially if you just buy a cream, just use it once(or twice) per day, do it for the recommended time, and if you picked a recommended cream, the results will show sooner or later. Easy.