Acting Properly In The Case of Red Stretch Marks Stretch Marks

Our first reaction and treatment towards a skin condition, often affects the results afterwards. The same can be said for red stretch marks.

No one wants them. They are searingly red, really appearing like enormous scars, they look like you tried to shave yourself with a knife, or like if a tiger tried to rip you to pieces, but didn’t quite make it.

What’s more, the older these scars get, the more they turn to a white/silver color and at that point they mostly stay like that, staying somewhat noticeable for the rest of your life. So if left untreated, there is almost a 100% that those stretch mark will never, ever get healed on their own. Your skin is just not strong enough by itself.

But, you are actually in luck.

Yes, you heard that right, you are in position that many women would want to change immediately. Why is this?

It is simply because of the fact, that stretch marks are the easiest to affect when they are red. When they are red, they are fresh, like an open wound ready to be patched up fast. Your body heals the fastest then, the most thoroughly and the most effectively. So those women who have white or old stretch marks.. Their healing has slowed, it’s a lot less than it used to be.

And if you wait yourself for that to happen, at that point, they will already be so ingrained in your skin that it will much more harder to remove them. This is even more true as for removing white stretch marks, there is a whole guide by itself needed.

How do Red Stretch Marks Even Show Up?

bikini stretch marks

  1. When stretch marks are first formed because of the ripping of the dermis(second) layer, the first layer(the visible one, the one that gets shown to everyone) follows along and stretches and thins itself. Like a domino effect where every piece falls if the first one does.
  2. When the stretching is more or less over, all that remains are vicious red scar like markings. Some people call them claw marks, but they are red stretch marks.
  3. If you just leave it as it is, after a year or a few years depending on your skin, the first layer is slowly rebuilt and tightened. However, in very rare cases does it ever heal completely, so it will always leave behind a white/silver stretch mark, always reminding you and everyone that sees it that you have stretch marks.

You can help the Skin!

If you do indeed have red stretch marks, right now you need to get cracking, right now. Your skin will not wait for when you feel like helping it, it will do its work, however sloppy it may be. So until you still have red stretch marks, start helping it as soon as possible.

Every way to help your skin, like a healthy lifestyle, using minerals and vitamins, creams, even derma-rolling, laser surgery and many more, are the most effective during this time so get doing as soon as possible if you want to ever have a body without those nasty scars.

This is also why some reviews that you can read on certain creams, are almost never completely positive as some creams are only effective against red stretches and barely do anything for older white ones, so as said before, you are in the best time to make the change by helping your skin.

Oh come on, Can we get to the skin helping phase please?

Alright, alright.

Now, what can you do?

You can know all the knowledge of the world, but if you take no action, nothing will change at all.

For this reason, let’s get some pointers!

red stretch marks before after

A before and after picture of following the pointers, with good success.

The following pointers should be followed for the best effect, the more you follow, the better the results will be:

  • Drink Water / Eat The Right(Healthy) Foods / Be Active (better body performance equals better skin performance, this does not mean to choke yourself on salads)
  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize (moisturized skin is a happy skin, and a happy skin = Happy You)
  • Start As Soon As Possible (read next point)
  • The Younger You Are, The Better (younger skin is exponentially better at repairing scars, the older you are the slower it gets)
  • Be Female… 🙂 (as women on average produce more collagen, the main protein of the skin elasticity and healing)


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