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What is DermaCleanse Acne Gel?


DermaCleanse is the acne variant of a well known skin care company, called ZENMED.

It is claimed to be “dual-acid”, best described by just exposing 1 ingredient.

Salicylic Acid.

This ingredient is the main ingredient that has actually been scientifically proven to reduce acne pimples by drying out the excess sebum created by clogged hair follicles. And while the ingredient by itself can be harmful if too much of it is applied, when used in a gel with only small amounts, it is completely safe to use.

While their stretch mark variant, the Zenmed Stretta product, scored rather poorly in our review..

Does their acne treatment solution differ?


It claims the following:

  • Heal pimples faster, prevent skin damage, and clear your overall complexion.
  • Results in 4 – 6 Weeks.

What is the reality?

It does heal any pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and scars.
It however can take more than the mentioned 4-6 Weeks. Some report only seeing results after months and months of usage.


Salicylic Acid, Purified Water, Witch Hazel Distillate, Vegetable Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Glycolate, Spiraea Ulmaria Extract, Vitamin B5, Methylisothiazolinone, Chlorhexidine Gluconate


  1. Clean your skin before applying.
  2. Only one application is recommended per day. Apply only a thin layer through your acne areas.
  3. If you experience any drying, reduce the amount to every second day.
  4. If you are pregnant or are still nursing your child, consult a doctor before you begin applying the solution.

User Reviews

“I’m using this for about 3 months now and not much difference. I did see some reviews that said that they used if for half a year before it started getting better, so I’ll keep using it and see how it goes…”

Testimonial Bonney G.
Bonney G.

“This is exactly what I wanted, I wear a lot of makeup so I could wear it above the gel, that was great. It also improved my acne quite a lot. Not sure why it’s so expensive though, but I’ll keep using it if it keeps working.”

Testimonial Mandy L.
Mandy L.

“I kinda thought that this was going to take a lot of time, but I tried it anyway. Today marks around 6 months since I’ve been using it, and only the gel, not the pills, since I don’t like eating those. And while it’s not fast(like really slow), it get’s the job done over time. I recommend it if you have time to spare.”

Testimonial L. B.
L. B.

DermaCleanse Acne Solution Ratings

  • 74%
    Good Customer Support - 74%
  • 76%
    60 Days Money Back Guarantee - 76%
  • 60%
    6 - 24 weeks to see Results - 60%
  • 66%
    Average User Reviews - 66%
  • 37%
    Bad Smell - 37%
  • 67%
    Average Cost / Results Ratio - 67%
  • 70%
    80$~ Cost - 70%

Final Verdict

Zenmed’s acne treatment kit DermaCleanse is a fair contender, however it’s cost coupled with not amazing reviews takes down it’s score a fair bit.

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