Does Acne Laser Treatment Even Work? Acne

If there is one thing anyone trying to remove acne knows, is simply this:

“What works for you, might not work for me.”

In response to that, we can see hundreds of different ways to treat acne.

Creams, scrubs, even tens of foods that you can find at home, like in this mega list of all the homemade treatments.

One of the newer possible treatments is using laser treatment to solve your acne scars problem.


Right now, there are around 8 different laser types.

The 8 Known And Tested Laser Types In Use For Acne Treatment

  1. Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy – During this therapy, a laser with a pulsing shot is applied on your face, consistently sending laser waves to your skin. However, after testing it out, the study showed no visible improvements at all. So this one doesn’t work well.
  2. Pulsed Light Laser Therapy (IPL) – This therapy targets the bacteria in the skin and the sebaceous glands themselves. This one has a 50% reduction rate as proven by an official study.
  3. Diode Laser Treatment – Using a blue light diode to destroy the sebaceous glans under your skin, thus preventing new sebum production, the main culprit behind your acne. This one also has a 50% rate of satisfaction as proven by this study.
  4. Fractional Laser Therapy – This one is a bit different, as it uses CO2 to get the job done. However, it also doesn’t not directly target your glands, but instead increases the collagen production by stimulating your epidermis. It is fairly effective, as in a study 10% showed great improvement, while around 40% showed decent improvement to their skin.
  5. Infrared Laser Therapy – Similar as with diode laser which pulses a blue light, this one pulses a invisible red light. However, infrared light has been proven to be rather ineffective in removing or lessening acne outbreaks.
  6. KTP – Or otherwise called potassium titanyl-phosphate, while similar, induces a green light. It targets the blood vessels under your skin, thus reducing the appearance of your acne significantly. The study proved that it “may” be a good alternative, but nothing said in stone.
  7. Heat Energy Treatment (LHE) – This treatment is one of those that targets the sebaceous glands and destroys them in the process, decreasing the amount of sebum that is produced. The study done on this laser type, showed to have the most improvement averaging in around 60% of an improvement and more if done after 2 months since the last treatment.

Now that we know all the laser types, what they do and how good they perform, we need to take a look at the other factors that come with making an informed decision.

The Side Effects of Acne Scar Laser Treatments


Very important, but often overlooked as all treatments come with their own side effects that you might not want to put up with.
ALL of the treatments share very common side effects. You may experience all of them or none at all, it is different for everyone:

  • Slight or Severe pain during the procedure
  • Increased redness of the skin even after the treatment
  • Increased sunlight sensitivity
  • Swelling may occur
  • Itching, blistering
  • Lightening or darkening of the skin
  • Burns and bruising
  • Small chance of scarring

Either way, it is worth to give it a thought if any of these potential side effects are something you absolutely do not want to put up with. If so, there are always alternatives such as creams and home solutions, who have no adverse side effects.

The Cost of Acne Laser Treatments


The cost of acne treatment is very, very different for everyone.

What makes the difference is:

  1. Your location
  2. Your chosen clinic

What this means is that someone who lives in the same area as you do might have it cheaper or more expensive, just because they picked a different clinic to get their treatment done. The same does with different areas.

To give you a very rough estimation, there are treatments done for as low as 100$ but as high as 2000$. Just make sure that you are being treated with a laser who has a high possibility of treating your acne (see above list).

In any case, you will have to visit your chosen clinic at least 2-3 times before you see a significant improvement, as single visit miracles are very rare.

Final Verdict

  • If you pick a good type of laser treatment, it can have good results
  • A possibility of negative side effects
  • The highest priced acne treatment method, after the cream solutions which are always bellow <100$

TIP: What would be a great idea is to do the following.

  1. First try the homemade methods using this extensive list.
  2. Then if that doesn’t work or if you prefer to go directly to the experts, use the best acne treatment solutions for a small price.
  3. Try a few more high rated creams or ingredients. But if even that doesn’t work, then try the laser acne treatment.