You have Acne on Your Chin. What to Do About it? Acne

Acne by itself is one of the most widespread and therefore most annoying skin issue one could have.

Sure, it’s not life threatening, in fact it does nothing to endanger you at all. However, it is the fact that it mostly appears on your face, the most visible and looked at part of your body, that the annoying part comes in.

Since your face is pretty much the “first look” place that everyone looks (apart from some men, wink wink) it is rather important to keep your face in top shape all the time for the best impression. If you have acne, that impression goes down the drain real fast as white pimples or even blackheads are not appealing to most people.

And especially on your chin. In the end it looks like you have a pimple beard and no one wants that.


Now, since you are here, you or someone close to your has acne on their chin. You don’t like it and you probably want it gone forever.

Fear not, for there are ways to do so!

Figuring Out YOUR Ideal Treatment

The thing about acne, is that in most cases, it is caused by only 1 or 2 culprits.

But the other thing about acne is that there are at least 100 known possible culprits right now.
To give an example:

  • Hormones(Sometimes, it’s simply the hormones that overproduce the sebum without any outside irritants)
  • Your diet (Only 1 ingredient such as diary products might be the culprit)
  • Your hygiene (Maybe too much scrubbing is causing the acne outbreaks)
  • The products that you use (Only 1 soap might cause the pimples)
  • Your living space (Anything that comes into contact daily with your face might cause it)
  • Your sleeping space (You sleep almost 1/3rd of the day and most people do it on their faces)


No matter what it is, you have 4 choices if you want to remove acne from your skin, once and for all:

1. Go through all the possible irritants and stop using them/doing them for a while to see if it helps


  • The most basic method of checking out the possible irritants.
  • Try for example not using a certain shampoo for a while and see if it improves.
  • If it doesn’t, your shampoo was not the cause of the outbreak and is safe to use.
  • Do the same around 50 and more times for any possible culprits. (Ouch.)
  • This might be a very long or short way of removing acne depending on how long it takes to find your irritant that makes the acne on your chin breakout.

Not really recommended if you have no patience.

2. Ignore the irritants, and instead use homemade ingredients to help your skin fight it


  • The second method is to ignore the irritant, and instead to prevent the skin from reacting too much.
  • Basically, your skin in reaction to the irritant starts to produce more sebum, which in turn is the best place for bacteria to produce acne.
  • With these homemade ingredients, you either dry the excess oil, increase the skins healing rate to reduce the scars or lessen the sebum producing to a more normal level.

See the best and baddest homemade ingredients list you will ever find for the full list of the possible ingredients.

Using homemade ingredients is almost free if your consider that some ingredients you might already have at home.

3. Ignore the irritants, and instead use acne removal treatment creams


  • The third treatments ignores the homemade treatment and goes straight to the source, the sebum producing glands.
  • Usually these creams have one of 2 ingredients called Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid which when applied to the skin completely dries out any oil and prevent the glands from producing any more sebum.
  • This in turn removes the acne producing bacteria which then slowly dies out and the acne clears.


Is is fairly inexpensive, usually a few cups of coffee will cover the cost.

Take a look here for our reviews of acne treatment solutions.

4. Ignore everything and just destroy the glands altogether


  • This is the most extreme treatment method as in this case a laser is used directly on your skin.
  • While there are different types of lasers for different purposes, the ones that have been proven by official studies to be the most effective are the ones who target your sebaceous glands and destroy them.
  • The removal of the glands prevents any sebum from being produced whatsoever.

If you use the right kinds of laser, which you can see reviewed here, the efficiency rate is up to 50%.

It is however very expensive as all medical treatments are.