5 Simple Steps How To Avoid And Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is a special time where so many changes happen in a woman’s body that it would take ten’s of pages to go through all of them.

One of them is the increased weight due to the baby and the inevitable stretching of the skin in the belly area.

For a few, this is not a problem at all, as after it is over, the skin normalizes as much as it can to its original state, with almost no damage to the skin, maybe just leaving a bit of fat tissue which can be removed by a bit of exercise and diet.

However, most do not have this luxury and instead develop a great amount of stretch marks, not only on the belly but on other parts such as breasts and thighs as well.


So, how can you prevent this?

pregnant woman pic

What makes pregnancy induced stretches a bit easier to prevent, is that usually pregnancy is planned or at least not too fast to develop at the start.

That is why prevention is one of the key strategies to take if you want to avoid pregnancy stretch marks.

Therefore if you are planning getting pregnant, or are still in the early few months, you still have time if you act now, as you only get one try to do it right.

Now if you already have a few stretch marks, try ignoring them for now as your first priority is to prevent new ones from appearing. The ones that you already have can be removed later, but you can only prevent new ones from appearing right now, or else you will have to deal with them later.

For the exact steps, this is what you can do in order to give yourself the highest chance on not getting striae during the pregnancy.


pregnant woman drinking

While this comes as no surprise, drinking enough water assures that your skin is supplied with enough hydration, making it much less susceptible to any skin damage.

But the main reason drinking is important is also for the growth of your baby, as the healthier you are during pregnancy, the healthier the baby will be. This makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved, so don’t forget to drink enough water, even if you don’t feel like it at the time.


pregnant-woman-healthy food

Your skin is the biggest organ that you have, thus everything you eat, directly impacts it. Too high amounts of calories can even increase the weight gain, making the whole pregnancy period even more damaging to the skin and your health in general. After the pregnancy is over, you will want your pre-pregnancy body back and gaining a lot of weight can make it harder for you.

Thus eating healthier in the form of vegetables, fruits and so on is recommended as much as possible, but due to the pregnancy side effect, “binge” eating, do not feel bad if you suddenly desire only to eat a certain food. On the other side, take care to not starve yourself, as this may affect your baby as well.


acitivty while pregnant

Active as safely active, as you should never do heavy lifting or fast sports or any kind of activity that your doctor doesn’t recommend during a later stage in pregnancy, meaning that you should really listen to your doctor about this one.

If the doctor approves of an activity during  the pregnancy, try to be active as much as your body and mind allows you to, again consult your doctor before doing any sports or activity. In any case, try not to let pregnancy cement you in your home couch as that is a one way ticket to gaining excess weight.


stretch mark creams

An additional option is to use stretch mark creams to help in the prevention strategy, as certain ingredients make your skin much more elastic and resistant to stretching of any kind.

Before you go to the nearest convenience store, make sure to always use a reviewed cream, as your time to use it is limited and it is better to find one that works, than to use one that just makes your skin more supple and soft, but makes barely any difference and the scars still appear. You can see our reviewed prevention creams here.


aloe vera juice

This is a cheaper alternative to using stretch mark creams, as in this case you decide what you wish to mix together to put in your solution, that you apply on your skin. Because of this, the ingredients are much fewer, and much cheaper to obtain directly from a store.

There are numerous combinations and recommended ingredients that you can use, for a full list check our homemade stretch mark remedies guide.

Just note that due to yourself making the mix, the results are variable as well and is only advisable if your budget does not allow a purchase of a full fledged cream.


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