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Apart from the hundreds of products for helping, reducing, removing stretch marks which can work very well, there are also numerous ways to do this right in the comfort of your cozy home.

This is possible because much of the products use combinations of certain natural ingredients, that on their own can be bought quite easily from most major convenience stores.

For example, Cocoa Butter is used by Palmers in their stretch mark cream.

They usually come in the form of herbs, foods, oils, butters and so on.

The most direct way is to use oils and butters as they can be used without any processing or extracting which would be the case if you go buy a plant or seed directly.

In that case you would have extra work to do, to extract their beneficial juices from them.

using oils

Using Oils As A Remedy

A honorary mention to 2 of the most popular oils currently used. These 2 oils can be both obtained directly from the source if needed or in their extracted version(bottle). You can also check the other oils that have not made it to this list.


  • 1. Coconut Oil

    This oil is known for being a all-in-one solution for skin problems as a whole, meaning that it can also be used for any other problem other than stretch marks, which makes using it worth for its moisturizing and skin healing properties. One thing to be careful when using this oil is to always use the pure virgin oil as other types may result in your pores closing up. Other than this it is perfectly safe to use for the most common skin problems like dry skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, old looking skin, rough skin and so on.

rosehip oil

  • 2. Rose-hip Oil

    An extract from the rose-hip plant seeds, this oil is very rich in Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids as well as linoleic fatty acid making it not only a great oil to use against stretches, but also against other skin problems like acne, burns, skin burns and many more. Even its reviews from actual users are more in the positive side, which is a rare sight as most homemade solutions are really half good and half not so good, making it actually not popular, but something that should be more popular due to its effects.

Now, Rose-hip and Coconut Oil are the first 2 remedies.

However, there exist even more oils that are have been tested to have benefits or those who have not been tested, but have been used by people who report improvements on their striae. All of these form the Third Natural Remedy!

3. Mixing Oils Yourself

These oils are primarily divided into 2 groups, the first are Carrier oils.

They are used as the base when mixing your own combination at home and every mixture should contain as least one of these oils.

If you wish you can always use the oil on its own, but adding an ingredient or 2 more will deliver more needed nutrients to the skin.

List of Carrier Oils

  • Almond Oil
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Primrose Oil
  • Avocado Oil

The second group of oils are Mix oils.

These oils are not recommended to be used by themselves due to their consistency and texture, as well as the possibility that they may be unpleasant to keep using for a longer time.

Therefore, when mixing your own mix, feel free to add 1-3 of these Mix oils to at least 1 Carrier oil for the best experience.

List of Mix Oils

  • Lavender Oil
  • Vetiver Oil
  • Jasmine Oil
  • Neroli Oil
  • Patchouli Oil
  • Mandarin Oil
  • Rose Geranium Oil

In hindsight, oils are a viable solution if you are not interested in buying a product and may provide a satisfactory solution to your stretch marks, barely nudging your wallet in the process and giving you back that beach-ready body with smooth and silky skin.

As for which is the best to use for you, at first try using Coconut or Rosehip Oil and if they do not give enough results, try a few more as all of these oils are really cheap to obtain. Giving Lavender oil a try might give you good results as well.

And that is it for the first 3, but we still have 2 more! And the next 2 are a Butter!

Using Butter As A Remedy

What sets butter apart is that it is very great to use in combination with other butter or even oils.

Firstly though, regardless of the butter type, it has to be melted first and then mixed if you plan on using more ingredients in the final mix.

On its own, no melting is required and can be used directly on the skin.

The most widely used butters are from cocoa and Shea, they can both be melted and mixed together for better results.

Also, it is beneficial to also add a carrier oil to change its substance to one that is easier to apply and absorb by your skin.


  • 4. Cocoa Butter

Even though very popular and has proven benefits backing it, its stretch mark removing benefits vary from the person using it, some reporting a visible change, others barely seeing any changes at all. It is however cheap enough to try and see for yourself if it works. If nothing else, it has a good moisturizing and suppling effect on the skin when used.


  • 5. Shea Butter

And the last one is Shea. More or less the same can be said for this one. While it has a great amount of benefits, its benefits are not directly related to stretches, however it is still beneficial to the skin in general, making it worth using in combination with other oils/butters as a general skin conditioner.

As you can see, the natural at home market is clearly not dry at all and provides many alternatives to the commercial products.

Using a home remedy is a totally viable option, just be prepared that due to its low price you have no guarantee of results.

This way, you may have excellent results, while another person might not even notice any difference at all.


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