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Concealing and hiding is widely used not only for stretch marks, but for almost anything that could make us feel bad about how we look. This is even more true with scars as removing them is in most cases a long term procedure.

What this means is that even if you speed it up using creams and therefore speed it up, it can still take at least a month for some results to appear. But in most cases, that is still too long to wait.

And you don’t want to have your confidence drop just because of some annoying side effect of stretching. For this exact reason, knowing how to conceal them or at least make them less noticeable is a useful skill to have and will aid you greatly, especially if you are able to make a habit out of it.

You can approach hiding/concealing in 4 different ways.

1. Skin Hydration / Moisturizer

skin hydration

While you might think it is odd that skin hydration is a viable concealing method, lets see why.

A majority of our body is made from water. You take it away, you take away the health and regenerative properties.

It is because of this that it is sometimes the main cause of why the marks appear in the first place. If your skin is not hydrated enough, it is never going to heal as fast and thoroughly as it would when it is hydrated.

Have you ever tried to pinch your own skin? Come on, try it out, pinch a bit of skin with your fingers from your other arm and then let go.

If you are well hydrated, it will return to its former state almost instantly.

For those who are not hydrated well enough, it can take a whole second to return, showing that when you are not hydrated, the elasticity drops.

Why this matters in the concealing department, is that sufficient skin hydration also makes your skin more elastic and vibrant on its own, making any stretches stand out much less. And more so, combining hydration with any other way to hide striae will only boost their effect so if nothing else, hydrate and moisturize your skin.

Remember: Low Elasticity = High Stretch Mark Risk

2. Cleaning The Skin

cleaning the skin

Your skin regularly produces new skin cells and pushing the older ones to the surface. When the oldest layer reaches the surface, all its cells are already dead and ready to be thrown off. This is how the skin replenishes its vitality over time.

But this whole procedure is pretty slow, in fact so slow that at any given time you always have a layer of dead skin cells on your skin. So when you take a look at your skin, you are actually looking at a few days old skin. So it makes sense that if you want to see the newest and freshest skin layer, the dead one has to come off.

This is otherwise called exfoliation, a process of removing the upper layer of dead skin, revealing the new and smooth skin underneath.

This is done either using abrasion methods with force or chemical solutions. Abrasion or mechanical treatment is great for most skin, chemical only for those who do not have other skin problems such as acne. When doing exfoliating with a hard body brush, use your favorite combination of oils and a body brush to completely remove any dead cells.

3. Waterproof Concealer

conceal scars

The best way to use a concealer is to first exfoliate as you will be applying the concealer to the skin that is still alive and will therefore last longer. You can apply any good waterproof concealer that corresponds with the color of your skin. Here’s a good guide on finding a concealer (just make sure it’s waterproof).

Note that this is only a temporary solution and you will need to keep reapplying it for the same effect over and over until you make progress with other removal options.

4. Get A Fake Tan

best fake tan

A fake tan is preferred over a real one, as stretch marks don’t tan at all and instead stand out more.

Now, how to apply it is best seen through a video.

Using a fake tanner is also an option, just be prepared to spend some time looking for one that works for you. Remember, this is a fake tanner, so again, take care not to actually tan in the sun, as that will make things worse since only the unaffected skin tans, making your stretches stand out more after the exposure.

They last longer than your everyday concealer, but the price is also matched accordingly at around 30$ per session at a tanning salon or per product.

5. Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

clothes to conceal stretch marks

It might seem obvious to some, but clothes are really the best way to cover anything you want to. Sure, if you have something on your face that poses a problem, but stretch marks do not appear there and where they do, they can be usually be covered by clothing. Yes, you might want to wear bikinis or some more revealing clothing, but it will be worth it to keep your confidence intact.

No matter you have stretch marks on your legs, shoulders or breasts, they can be easily covered by creatively using pieces of clothing that you have.

This does not mean that you are forced to a life of covering, so doing any removal method like using a dermatological cream while covering, will allow you to slowly be able to show your new gorgeous skin.


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