4 Tiers On How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Breasts Stretch Marks

Breasts are one of the most tender and sensitive areas of the body and because of this, using any sort of rough, direct approach is out of the question.

breast stretch marks

In most cases, breast stretch marks appear either after pregnancy when the breast area is being expanded and therefore stretched beyond its original form, or during puberty when the breasts are naturally growing the fastest in a woman’s lifetime. Of course, they stretch marks can “pop up” anytime in your lifetime if the skin becomes weaker and rips.

Being overweight is also a possible cause for this, but the usual suspects are puberty and pregnancy.

Thus having stretch marks on boobs is not that uncommon and in fact, a lot of celebrities have stretch marks on their breasts. Removing them isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but it also isn’t easy.

So, how do you do remove the Stretch Marks on Your Boobs?

While completely getting rid of them is unlikely, it is possible to fade them away to such a color that they become indistinguishable from the skin and therefore are not an issue anymore. And in the end, that is what we all want, just for them not to show so we can be confident in our smooth skin.

Following the next few tiers will give you the best success rate.

It is recommended to combine tiers. For example, our recommendation for someone starting or looking for a new treatment for stretch marks, is to combine tiers 1 + 2 or 1 + 3.

stretch mark cream on breasts

Alright, lets get those breasts in control!


  • Before buying anything from anyone, or spending any money whatsoever, be sure to have your body ready and at its best state as you can.
  • This means to drink enough water, eat meals that are full of nutrients, and be at least mildly active so that your skin has all it needs met. This isĀ  to help either heal existing scars or prevent any new ones from appearing, because almost all the other tiers depend on the skin’s ability to naturally heal.
  • The healing speed of your skin is actually decently fast and it can do wonders on its own if treated correctly. It can still take a year or 2, but much better than if you don’t take care of your body at all. Because as that point, the healing increases to several years and possibly never. So take care of you body with some good natural treatments.


  • If, the first tier does not do enough for you or promise fast enough results, you can help it even further. This is by applying different skin-helping ingredients to your skin, in a form of a homemade stretch mark cream.
  • This is a very non expensive way to help your skin as the ingredients can be bought in raw form from your nearest convenience store, plus the finished product only needs a few ingredients to be a great aid to your skin. This will speed up the healing process of the skin.
  • With homemade mixes, the time to heal is reduce by about half, throwing it down to around 4-6 months for the complete results to show. However, again do no expect a full recovery.
  • It is however still rather ineffective, but this mixing guide might help you.


  • The third tier is a direct upgrade to the second tier, as if it does not prove good enough, there is an option to buy tested stretch marks creams.
  • While similar to homemade, these creams have ingredients that have been tested, have more people using them, meaning a bunch of reviews for a better decision if a particular cream actually works or not. This way, the chance of you picking an unsuitable treatment is very low.
  • It costs a bit more money, but most creams have either money-back guarantee or a trial period, which means that if it does not show results in the month of usage, return it back and receive your money back without a question.
  • Then by returning it, you will receive your money back or not be required to pay for it.

And there you go, all the tiers, good from the least effective and expensive, all they way to better results.

But wait

Doesn’t the title say 4 Tiers?


Oh, right.


TIER 4…?

  • In any other guide, the fourth tier would also be revealed and explained in deeper detail. And in other guides, it is meant for other areas that you can get stretches, like thighs, buttocks, tummy area and so on.
  • Thing is, breasts are so tender and delicate that doing anything severe like surgeries is really out of the question.
  • Same with dermabrasion, where you poke needles in your skin. Sure, you can put up with those slight needle pokes on your legs, but on your breasts?
  • Feel free to try, but its almost a guarantee that you might immediately regret doing it.
  • So yes, all these cost a huge amount of money, sometimes enough to buy a pretty decent car and while this might work good for legs or other not-so-tender areas.. but letting them cut through/pierce your breasts?


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