4 Simple Steps How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally Stretch Marks

Four really simple steps that are the cornerstone of every natural stretch mark treatment and should be done even if you do not have striae.

All these following steps not only give a great benefit to skin healing, but every other process going in your body as well. If you can, do as many as possible, all the time.

1. Start being active / Don’t stop

healthy woman
Being active is one of the steps that is most affective for the scar removal process. Your body as a whole is much better suited if you are at least decently active and even better if you are really active.

Due to the activity, all the healing in your body happens much faster, meaning that if you decide to follow any other step this one will multiply their effectiveness.

Also, it prevents rapid weight loss and gain, meaning that the you will be protected from stretch marks from those causes.

2. Use natural ingredients on your skin

natural ingredients

While you might not be willing to use commercial creams, this is not a valid fear, as most creams that use only natural ingredients are prevalent in the market.

But this step takes this even further, giving you the choice of which ingredients to use in their raw form.

Meaning that if you wish to use only Aloe Vera and cocoa butter as ingredients, you are free to do so.

Before mixing any ingredients though, try finding a mix that at least someone else has tested as it will increase your chances of success.

Due to you being the judge of what ingredients to use, the effectiveness is also completely dependent on your choice.

It however helps, if you have a rough idea which ingredients are better to use.

3. Drink Enough Water

water glass

Your body is mostly composed of water, so it also needs a solid amount of it to continue working correctly. While most people drink a decent amount of water, most are always lightly dehydrated.

This can be measured by your thirst, if you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated, so try to drink enough water to the point where you feel no thirst at all.

While very rare, there is also the possibility of over-hydration so do not force yourself if you are not comfortable with the amount of water your need to drink.

4. Eat Healthy Foods


Foods play an important role in your life, as what you eat is what your body composes itself of. Depending on your choice of foods, your body will adapt differently.

Yes, there are different methods that advise eating certain foods to be more healthy, however there are general steps that everyone including you can take.

For stretch marks, the biggest role is played by vitamin e.

These steps are to eat enough micro nutrients, or those nutrients that the body cannot produce on its own, but needs to work correctly.

These can be found in most fruits and vegetables and will also allow you to consume enough fiber, so your digestion has no problems as well. If possible, avoid sugars, slowly reducing the intake every week.