4 Reasons Why Stretch Marks Even Appear On Your Skin Stretch Marks

Skin stretch marks are much more frequent to appear than you would have thought, as they do not only appear during special periods in your lifetime, but can also appear out of the blue, without doing anything special.

The stretches occur in the deeper layer of the skin, called the dermis.

When the stretching starts, the dermis is the layer that is teared and because there is nothing left holding the skin layers together, the surface starts reacting, appearing in the form of scars in the skin.

You can see the whole explanation here.

As of today, there are 4 documented reasons as why they even appear.



Pregnancy is the situation in which a good amount of women are affected at least slightly.

During this very delicate stage when a woman is carrying her baby, the skin is being rapidly stretched to an amount that the skin dermis cannot handle without tearing itself.

Thus the stretches occur and it is this that can make returning to the previous state of your body quite the hassle.

Due to such a big percentage of scars usually happening in this time, the most research is done specifically for prevention and removal for pregnant women.

So if you are a pregnant woman or have just given birth, you are in a good position as like half of the products that exist are made exactly for you so you can get back your body like it was before.

Same if you are planning to get pregnant, prevention products are also rampant and tested heavily.


weight loss gain

With weight loss, stretch marks happen less often, but because of the sudden loss of weight there is much of the skin left that is yet to tighten up.

This excess skin can tear the dermis badly.

While weight loss is a factor, usually the biggest amount of stretching happens during weight gain.

Because of a greater amount of fat stores, the skin has to support a bigger amount of weight, which after a long amount of time tears your dermis layer, resulting in scars.

Weight loss is actually recommended as it outweighs the tearing that would keep on going on if the fat would remain.

So if you are loosing weight and suddenly start seeing stretch marks that you never did, don’t worry, as you are not getting new scars.

Those are just the ones that were made when you were overweight, and now that the pressure on the skin is lower, they just stand out more.


muscle growth

Rapid growth of muscle is usually seen by males, as females due to their lower levels of testosterone can put on less muscle weight than their male counterparts.

Just like weight gain, the layer next to the skin gets increased in size which puts more pressure on the dermis layer.

If the growth is sudden, it will tear more easily.

For muscle growth, many view the resulting scars more like battle scars due to something positive happening(muscle gain), but if they are really a dent in your confidence after achieving a better body, general removal methods like scar removal products will do the trick.



Genetics is what you were dealt at birth and it cannot be changed, for now.

This includes your predisposition towards scars, that may occur even if the slightest skin pressure is present.

That is why some people report that even though they are not overweight, pregnant or in any special situation, they suddenly found some striae out of nowhere.

This is genetics and other than trying to prevent and reduce their appearance, not much can be done here, but being in good shape, using prevention steps and taking care of your skin will go a long way to making a positive change.

What can be done, regardless of when or for what reason do they occur?

Regardless of when they occur, they can be prevented and some even removed.

  • Being active
  • at a healthy weight
  • eating healthy foods
  • drinking lots of water fluid
  • using prevention creams with minerals that help the skin be more elastic

These are all universal steps that you can take and will work in the long run as well.

For other methods, such as surgery are far too severe to warrant such a high money investment.

Let us compare:

Products cost around ~10 – 100$ and they are LONG TERM (they help with removing the cause)

Surgeries cost ~2000 – 20000$ and they are SHORT TERM (they don’t cure the cause)

You can also see how they compare in efficiency.

And this would be all great, but the 200 times bigger cost does NOT mean a 200 times better result.

If you would like a higher guarantee however, using higher end creams such as Skinception or Revitol will do the trick as they usually have more reviews and more testing backing them.

Do be sure to check the reviews first to see if they are worth it for you.


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