4 Most Popular Stretch Mark Treatment Options That You Have Stretch Marks / Top Lists

No matter where your stretch marks are on your body, there are a lot of ways to repair the skin in the affected area. What makes all of these treatments unique is that someone require little to no investment, but can also be a little less effective. In most cases, you do get what you pay for.


Price is NOT the final reason if a treatment is good or not. Even though a treatment might cost tens of thousands of dollars, it still does not come with a complete guarantee of success. You might even want to go the other way around, and find something that gets the job done for free.

Think about it, when you bought something that was the top of its line and it was worth every cent?
Yet at a different time, you tried something cheaper and you can’t understand why anyone would spend so much on the top value brands.

With stretch mark treatments, its all about finding the best treatment for you as we are all different in our skin color, stretch mark color, age and so on.

Now, here we go, the 4 most popular stretch mark treatment options you have!

Homemade Solutions


Homemade solutions, are present in skin care, skin tags, acne, you name it there is something that you can do about it at home. That’s why they are also popular with stretch marks, as no one wants to waste time going to a specialist when they can do everything right from the comfort of their own home.

Also, treatments at home can be very cheap in comparison to other methods and can be sustained for as long as you like. This is also due to the fact that anyone can be a homemade solution expert, just drop by your local convenience store, stock up on some ingredients and throw them in a bowl.

How effective such a homemade treatment is another story all together, since you are the one deciding what you wish to use and how much you are willing to spend on the ingredients, the results vary significantly. And even if you buy the more costly ingredients, success is not guaranteed at all.

Before you actually go buy any ingredient, take a look at this ingredient mixing guide, so you know what ingredients work well with each other.

Cost Of Homemade Solutions: 10$ – 40$
Time Investment Of Homemade Solutions: 30 min – 1 hour / Day
Effectiveness: Long Term 150%, varies significantly in regards to the choice of ingredients

2. Stretch Mark Creams

stretch mark creams

This is where the numbers get a lot more on the green side, as creams are one of the most successful treatments out there.

Especially if you know which one to get.

Then, when you know which one to get, it’s beneficial to buy it directly from there as in most cases if a discount exists (like a buy 2 get 1 free deal) we have already found it and linked you there, so you can benefit from it.

Now creams have the benefit of having a lot more people using them, all the time. This means more user reviews, which means that finding you a cream just became really easy.

What is looked at heavily here is that it’s COMPLETELY NATURAL. No one likes unknown lab-made ingredients in their product, so if a cream is not completely natural, we’ll let you know.

Some of them also offer a money-back guarantee, making creams the only option in which you can actually test it for free. If it’s good, then you just won what you can call a win-win situation! And if not, then just return it back, get your money back and think nothing more of it.

Cost Of Stretch Mark Creams: 30$100$
Time Investment Of Stretch Mark Creams: 3 – 10 min / Day
Effectiveness: Long Term 40 90%, varies due to your choice of commercial product. Use this tool to maximize it’s effectiveness!

3. Laser Surgery

laser therapy

Laser surgery is lately a popular alternative to using creams or giving yourself over to a scalpel.

In this procedure, the medical specialist applies the laser beam to your skin, which penetrates your skin to the deeper level where your stretch marks are and dissipates any scaring that has occurred in the targeted area.

What makes it less popular is the fact that even though it makes you pay more, you don’t get anything more out of it. Barely a 5-10% increase for around 20x more cash. Yikes, maybe you shouldn’t go with laser surgery.

Now, to get the desired result, multiple visits are required which also take a bit more of a time investment as well. It is however, effective at removing or at least reducing the impact of stretch marks around the same as using creams.

Just remember that this is a one time/short term solution.

What this means isĀ  that no nutrients are being added to the skin during this procedure, meaning that the cause won’t be removed. Here’s how you can remove the cause so you won’t get new ones.
Cost Of Laser Surgery: 1600 – 5000$ Total / 700-800$ Per Session
Time Investment Of Stretch Mark Creams: 2 Hours / Per Session
Effectiveness: Short Term 50 90%

4. Skin Surgery


Skin surgery is the most effective in the list and is sometimes the only possibility, when stretch marks are REALLY severe.

bad stretch marks

If your stretch marks are like this, then skin surgery might be the only cure for you.

However, if they are not like this you might think twice before trying to go the surgery path.

During this procedure, your stretch marks are surgically removed right at the core, basically meaning that the scars themselves will be cut out.

This does mean that the recovery time for your skin to re-heal is the longest, providing the surgery itself does not produce surgery scars that need time to heal. The cost is as expected the highest.

What this means is that unless you have really severe stretch marks like above, you will have to pay the full price on your own.

Note that multiple surgeries are often required, increasing the initial cost severely.

For example, here is a world map with approximate rates for a tummy tuck surgery (removal of belly skin).

Cost Of Skin Surgery: 3000 – 10000$ Total
Time Investment Of Laser Surgery: Surgery Time + Recovery Time (Varies significantly)
Effectiveness: Short Term 7595% (Same as Laser surgery, only removes the scar, but not the cause)