4 Fastest Ways To Get Rid of Stretch Marks Stretch Marks / Top Lists

Before reading on, remember this. YOUR priority here is removing them as fast as possible.
The following list is sorted from the fastest solution being the 1st and the slowest, but still pretty fast compared to doing nothing, solution being the last in the list.

1. Skin Surgery – 1 Week

skin surgery for stretch marks

  • Yes, skin surgery is the most direct and most thorough solution that you can take if you want to remove your scars. Using modern surgery, the striae is directly cut out of your skin, removing any traces of stretch marks from that area.
  • It can also be done on multiple areas with multiple surgeries. What is usually failed to mentioned is the uncertainty of waiting time, as some places will make you wait some time, so take that in account.
  • Now, while this sounds like the best solution and for many it is, it is not recommended to try it at first. Yes, it is the fastest, but also the most expensive of them all. Getting a surgery like this is very, very pricey and can range up to 20 thousand dollars or even more depending on how many surgeries will be needed.
  • For many people, this is something that they are not willing to pay. The second important fact, is recovery time. While it is true that the stretch marks are removed from your skin, the surgery leaves a mark of its own in the cut skin. This takes quite some time to heal, so do not expect an instant beach like body a week after surgery. So not as quicker as you would want it to be.

2. Laser Surgery – Around 1 – 3 Weeks

laser surgery scars

  • With laser surgery, a laser is used to penetrate your skin into the second, dermis layer that is the cause for scars even occurring in the first place. This layer is stimulated, in turn producing more skin cells in that area and speeding up the healing.
  • Using surgery, but this time with a laser has its ups and downs as well. The ups are that it can be effective, but there is a downside to this as well, as the reviews are a bit mixed, suggesting that it does not work for everyone equally as good.
  • It requires a few visits, which in hindsight is faster than using creams, but slower than using skin surgery.
  • The price is quite high, ranging to about 8 hundred dollars per visit. To see results, at least 5+ visits are required usually so the end cost becomes rather high for removal of stretches for only one area of the body.

3. Stretch Mark Creams – Around 3 – 6 Weeks


  • Commercial creams from various producers are nutrient rich creams that are applied to your body to increase its existent healing capability. This means that while regular healing may take a set amount of time, using creams can severely reduce that amount of time, so it is still decently fast without being really pricey.
  • With creams, they are relatively cheap compared to other faster solutions, but still retain some of the speed, a single cream costing from 20-60 dollars and giving results in less than 3 months, compared to the skins own healing, that can take years.

4. Homemade Creams – Around 6 – 12 Weeks

homemade oils for stretch marks

  • And lastly, creams, lotions, oils, ingredients that you can make right at your home. What happens here is that you take the popular, tested ingredients that have some benefits for the skin and only use a few of those and apply it to the skin.
  • For example, creams usually use more than 30+ ingredients, you can use much less and spend very little amounts of money for a similar effect. Since some ingredients are great and others not-so-great, making your own mix at home is indeed the cheapest solution, but also the one where the chances of improvement is the lowest.
  • Yes, if you use some reviewed mixes that have worked for others the improvement is higher. You can also add an extra ingredient or 2 to experiment and see how your body reacts to them. As homemade creams are on number 4, you have guessed it, it is the slowest out of the fastest.
  • Regular creams taking up to 3 months, homemade creams can take up to 6 months for similar results.

Which one do you think is the best for the amount of money you need to spend?


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