4 Essential Steps on Trusting a Review Of A Cream Stretch Marks / Top Lists

The whole market that has evolved around stretch marks and skin care is in general pretty large and for someone new, it can be quite overwhelming to decide on a whim whether to

  • trust the producer with what they offer
  • trust the independent reviewers/sites that they are factual about their reviews
  • or trust individuals who post their experiences after using the cream themselves.

It can really be frustrating, and you just might end up with a lighter wallet on your table, with your problem still on your skin.

For this reason we present to you the 4 essential steps that you can follow when doing research on a cream.

The more of these points you can tick off as positive, the better chance the end product will be a win-win situation for you.

4 Essential Steps To Trusting A Review

1. Is there only 1 product reviewed on the entire site?

Sites with only 1 or 2 products reviewed are usually affiliated with the mentioned brand and will be biased towards a certain cream.

  • While this does not mean that sites with more reviews will not be biased, just a lot less.
  • A bigger database is usually the best center, as users are most inclined to give trustful reviews there.
  • This let’s you know right from the start, that if you for example have older scars a certain cream will have no effect at all, therefore not letting you spend any money on a useless cream.

2. User Submitted Reviews

While the sites themselves could tilt the favor for a certain product, the person who uses it always gets results exactly like they should, with no ulterior motives.

While these review articles provide a good informative basics and facts about the product, the users are the ones actually testing it out, so their experiences are completely unfiltered, just like it is with no added fluff.

3. After You Have Decided

  • When you have decided it is usually in your best interest to procure a special discount/free-trial/bulk discount if possible.
  • This however can be a bit of a pain, since the producer sells his products through different stores (offline and online), so it can be a hassle to find a good discount at the time when you are buying.
  • Because of this, like in our case, we instead obtain up-to-date discounts when they appear, so you can safely know that if there is no discount posted on the review site, the chances of finding a discount anywhere else is really slim.

4. Optional: Leave Your Own Review

  • This step is completely optional and up to you, but it will be greatly be appreciated by other visitors.  Leaving a review of the product you have used helps everyone who will be in the same pickle as you, thus making their decision more comfortable.