4 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Your Back Acne Once and For All Acne / Top Lists

As you might already know, acne is not limited only to a person’s face.

If that were the case, then every treatment would be solely directed towards curing it, but alas acne can appear almost anywhere on your body, including your back.


But why acne?

It makes sense when you stop to think about it. Acne is formed when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum (skin oil) and subsequently clog the pores around it, making it really susceptible to any bacteria which results in an infection.

While it might be different for you, over 80% of people rarely wash their backs. Definitely not as often as they wash other parts of their body. And not because they don’t want to, it’s just that the back is a hard to reach area. So unless they use a long scrub or ask for help, that back doesn’t really get washed.

And when skin doesn’t get washed, dead skin cells stay on it for longer, bacteria starts accumulating. Couple this with too much sebum and the chances for an acne outburst are very, very high.

However, it isn’t as bleak as it sounds. It is very similar to face acne, so a lot of face or even mouth treatments apply here.

Here are 4 steps that you can do that will undoubtedly remove acne from your back.

TIP: Just be patient. The acne was developing for weeks before it showed up, expect at least as much time to pass before it goes away.

Step 1: Scrub, Scrub, Scrub


First the dead skin cells and any other remains need to go. Depending on where exactly the acne is (if you can reach it with your hand only) obtain a nice scrubbing sponge. If you can’t reach it, get one that extends your reach via a handle.

And be thorough with it, don’t just scrub it “a bit”. At least 5 minutes of consistent scrubbing is what you need to get rid of everything. However, don’t be really tough as you might irritate your skin that way. Find a middle ground that works for you.

After you are done, don’t forget to use a clean towel and fresh set of clothes.

Step 2: Clean and Loose Clothes


Clothes are in contact with your back almost your whole day (unless you prefer living in Adam and Eve’s costume), which means that if the clothes are not clean, any bacteria on it will have a great opportunity to start infecting your skin directly.

While keeping your clothes clean all the time, in any situation is almost impossible, it is totally fine to change your clothes at the start of the new day. This includes your sleeping pajamas, as almost 1/3rd of your day will be spent in bed.

You can also consider wearing clothes that are not tight and therefore come in contact with your skin much less, decreasing the chance of an infection from your clothes to your skin.

Step 3: Apply some Professional Solutions


Currently the best solutions contain at least one of the following 2 ingredients:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Salicylic Acid

Benzoyl Peroxide is the best and most effective one that you can find in most of the known acne removal solutions. You can pretty much be certain that there will be some effect when you use a cream/solution with this ingredient in it.

Salicylic Acid is also a great ingredient, however if used in greater amounts it can be harmful, so solutions only contain a small amount of this ingredient. This ingredient can also be found in some household foods, such as Lemon’s, which is a decent alternative if you prefer trying it on your own.

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Optional Step 4: Dermatologist


This step is only to be considered after you have tried all of the above steps for at least 3 months or more. All the treatments take time. You should not waste your time and money going to a dermatologist if it can be cured with some home treatments and habit changes.

But, if after about 3 months your back acne shows no signs of improvement whatsoever, chances are that no remedy that you can do at home will fix it without first getting an educated exam of the skin.

The dermatologist will be able to help you pinpoint the reason for the acne outbursts and will provide you with some suggestions on treatment possibilities, so if nothing else works, the dermatologist will be what makes the difference between acne ridden and clear skin. Just make sure that you are aware of both the positive and negative sides of laser surgery.