3 Important Puzzles On How To Eliminate Stretch Marks Stretch Marks / Top Lists

Completely eliminating stretch marks is as simple as it is hard.

Why so? Well, first we have to take a look at your genetics. Some people have great skin genetics which means their skin is naturally better with preventing and healing scars.

Likewise, there are also those people are a bit less fortunate in the genetics front and their skin seems to be slower to heal itself.

But like in all areas in life, genetics is only one part of the puzzle and the only one that you cannot really change. Every other puzzle, you can change and make it work in your favor.

So, how to eliminate stretch marks with those controllable pieces of the puzzle?

This concise list presents to you the 3 pieces of the puzzles which dictate how well and fast you can swoosh away those annoying stretches.

First Piece Of The Puzzle : Your Lifestyle

lifestlye puzzle

The first piece of the of the puzzle is in retrospect your lifestyle choices.

  • In terms of skin, there are a few important factors that help your skin. First is correct hydration. If you drink enough water every day, where you do not feel thirsty during the day, your skin will receive enough water to effectively eliminate and scars on your skin.
  • The next one is nutrition. If your meals do not have enough macro and micro nutrients that your body needs every day, for example vitamin E, the skin will be weaker for it.
  • Eating enough vegetables, fruits and not eating beyond your daily consumption so that you do not gain weight is the state in which your body and therefore your skin will be at its strongest potential.
  • Also, if you take part in sports a few times a week, your skin will also be work faster and you will also feel better.
  • While completely eliminating your stretch marks this way can take quite the time, the results are pretty much guaranteed.

Second Piece Of The Puzzle : Helping Your Skin With Healing Ingredients

healing puzzle

Your skin naturally absorbs and creamy ingredients that are applied to it. So it makes sense that in order to speed it up, you can use natural ingredients.

  • As said, the most straightforward way to do this is to actually take the ingredients like Aloe Vera, bio oil and so on and mix them to create a mix that can be applied to the skin. You can see the top 8 most popular ingredients here.
  • Of course, this procedure is usually less effective, as its success is hugely dependent on the ingredients you have chosen.
  • This also makes them a much faster and satisfying solution. The results that you can expect is determined on your own age, stretch mark age, skin type and color, size and area of scar and especially your choice of cream.
  • So after using them a few weeks, your previous scar-free body has a really high chance of coming back.. and staying.

Third Piece Of The Puzzle : Using Modern Medicine

modern medicine puzzle

The last piece of the puzzle is used only when nothing else works and genetics has dealt you such a bad hand that even if you have a good lifestyle and have been using creams for at least half a year, the stretch marks still persist.

  • The first type of surgery, laser surgery, is where your skin is stimulated to regrow faster, but is not very evasive to your skin, so other than a high cost value, is not even that different from just using a cream. There may be better alternatives to this.
  • The other possibility is a skin surgery. Every trace of scars on your skin is cut out, never to be seen again.
  • Straightforward, but very evasive and direct to your skin and as such the healing process of the surgery scars can take its own time as well.
  • This is the only solution where you can actually eliminate the scars completely, but as said before, it all comes with a very large price, so never start with modern medicine. Always try the first two pieces of the puzzle first, as it will bring you more satisfaction, knowing you were able to do something yourself, without spending a mountain of cash for someone to cut you up.