3 Great Ways to Remove Stretch Marks on Your Bum Stretch Marks

Simply put, stretch marks can appear on your body on the usually unnoticed places, such as your bum/buttocks. And they are actually pretty common as well.

However, not nearly as frequent in comparison to those that you get on your breasts, or your inner thighs, or even shoulders.

For women especially, the buttock area is one of the first to store fat and also the last to be taken from when losing weight. However, men don’t lag behind and also get their share of stretch marks.

And due to this increase in stretching, the skin is ripped and this results new scars that never really seem to heal completely. However, there are 3 great ways that you can help your skin to return to its former state. Know that the younger you are the better the finished result will be, so if you can, start as soon as possible as every day counts.

Help your bum striae heal itself


The body is great at repairing itself, and does the best job at it when it has enough of everything that it needs to work correctly.

This includes eating your veggies and fruits to get enough of minerals(which mostly the body does not produce on its own), being relatively active(so that all of the repairs are done better and you don’t need to be an athlete for this) and very importantly, drinking water.

When all of this is met, you will have less of fat stores in your buttocks, decreasing the weight which your skin needs to carry.

And when the skin is not stretched anymore it will begin to make itself more elastic. This way even the stretches you do have will look much less daunting on your newer fresher skin. So, the first way to treat the stretch marks, is to make a cream right at home!

Make your own cream at home

aloe vera for bum

Usually when you hear the word cream, you immediately think of buying something or something that was made in a laboratory. Well, you can in fact make your own cream in the comfort of your own home.

Note that the efficiency and results probably wont be on par with tested creams, but taking in account that it costs only a few dollars to get the ingredients, this is a great way to see for yourself how effective a certain ingredient is on your skin without shelling out much money at all.

You can see here how it compares in efficiency to other popular treatments.

A reminder though, if you do plan to use any ingredient on your skin directly, just confirm with your doctor that it is alright to do so, just so you don’t accidentally apply an ingredient that you may be allergic to.

When you are given the OK, then mixing the right creams together using a guide is you next best step.

Buy a clinically tested cream

Woman applying moisturizer cream on thigh

Even saying differently, you can look at each cream’s review under the Ingredients tab to see for yourself that creams are completely natural, meaning that everything that is in them is at most just a mixture of elements that you can find in nature.

Extracts, oils and so forth all taken from plants and seeds and mixed together to form creams with the best effect. Now, since the focus here is on your bum the procedure is relatively the same as with other areas. Find one that works for your scar age (older white or younger red) and then check the reviews on it.

If it is mostly good, or is recommended by the reviewer, you are good to go and can jump right into action so that you can wear those nice looking swim suits on a warm sunny day once again.

You can also check our best stretch mark treatment list.

When you have chosen your cream, then you can use some good old massaging to apply it.