3 Easy Ways To Obtain A Free Stretch Mark Cream Stretch Marks

More or less every cream that you can find on the market today, even for those who only have one ingredient, need to be paid for in one way or another, even if the price is negligible.

It is understandable since the producer has to obtain the ingredients, conduct medical tests and independent tests as well to pertain to certain medical standards, manufacture the cream, and deliver it to sellers as well. All this makes the cream prices be where they are at the moment. And unless we suddenly change from capitalism to communism or any other form of government, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

The problem is, that sometimes we just can’t pay the amount of money they want us to. You might be too young or just simply aren’t willing to pay a dime a dozen for a cream that isn’t 100% sure to treat you. But what if.. there was a way to get them for free?

And there is a way to get them FREE of charge… 3 Different Ways

1. By trying them out!

no money

As said just because everything has a price tag on it, doesn’t mean that you can’t get it for free. (And no, stealing isn’t one of them.)

Many producers, in an attempt for their cream to get more reviews and exposure, give out free trials for their cream product, essentially giving you the first 30, 60 or 90 days worth of cream completely free of charge, just so you can use it and see the results for yourself, hopefully letting everyone else know so that they will buy too.

They basically give you a cream in hopes of driving more sales. You get a free cream, they get more sales. Everyone wins.

And besides, if it gives you great results during your tryout period, buying more is not even a question as you know exactly what you are getting for your money. This way all the risk is taken of your shoulders.

In the unfortunate situation that the cream turns out to be bad, you just cancel the trial with no questions asked and you now know, free of charge, that that cream won’t work for you and can go on without having to spend a dime.

Now, here are the current list of trials for this month:

Current creams that offer Free Trials:

No true trials at the moment.

Those that claim they do, have hidden costs to them like FREE (if you buy a membership), making them not really free.

But there is another way to do it..

2. Money back guarantees!

money back guarantee

This time you initially do pay the price so having some capital is required, but can get a full refund if you return it within the money back period making it a no-risk free alternative to outright buying a cream on a whim. So if for example you try a cream for a while, see it’s no good, you can return it back and the only thing you will have to pay is the few dollars of shipping fees.

This is why testing a few creams before deciding on anything more severe is key, as even really similar creams can have way different effects on your skin so variety is key to see what works best for you and only you. And the most cost-effective way of doing this, is taking advantage of the money back guarantees that they have so you can test as many of them while paying almost nothing.

You can see the list of creams that offer money back guarantees right here.

Current creams that offer money back guarantees:

And the last one..

3. Going in nature!


There is one more alternative method to take, which does not result in a free cream, but is close enough and is still relatively free.

It is essentially obtaining a good ingredient directly from nature and extracting its oil/nutrients as many plants that are used in the stretch mark creams can be literally found in a forest or a garden.

This does not work for those ingredients that need special extraction procedures, but for something like aloe vera, which can be found or grown in your own home relatively easily, cutting a leaf off and applying the juice directly to your skin will do just fine.

A bit of a home-made method, but if it works good for you in that case you have essentially solved your scar problem without spending a dime extra.

Just remember that there is a reason why creams have more ingredients as in the case of aloe vera, the juice can be a bit uncomfortable due to its substance. In creams they add a few other ingredients to even it out and create a better feel for it. Know however, that because you will only use 1 ingredient at a time, that it might not work as well as you might hope. But hey, it’s free.

In the long haul, try, try and again try. Never give up on the quest to get rid of your stretch marks!


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