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Stretch marks, if left untreated, can turn out to be white scars that never completely heal by themselves. And to add insult to injury, no one is completely safe from them, regardless of how old your are or what skin color do you have. The biggest factor like with many other skin problems are genes and as you know, science has yet to be able to modify those.

While this is unfortunate, there is no need to panic, as genes aren’t the answer to everything. For example, if you have perfect genes but live a life of complete neglect for your own body, no matter how good the genes are, the body will still deteriorate and fell really bad. Same on the other end, even if you didn’t win the genetic lottery, but take great care of your body, you will be much better off than the alternative.

For treating your stretch marks, your body needs to get as much help as possible and natural if possible. Here are 3 completely natural remedies that you can help your body with so it can treat your stretch marks as fast and good as possible.

Natural Remedy Number 1 – LIVING A LIFE FULL OF HEALTH

healthy eating

You’ve probably heard this 100x in the magazines, news and so on. But it is worth talking about again and again because it is so important even when attempting stretch mark treating. The “living a healthy life” remedy is a bit broad, so see the 2 most important benefits:

  • Living a life with as much of health as possible has not only an enormous effect on your skin, but also on your body.
  • All practices that are considered healthy are worth doing as your quality of life will improve as well.

These “health practices” entail the following:

  1. Drinking enough water so that you are rarely thirsty, when you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrated, so drink
  2. Doing any sport a few times a week, which means even walking if that’s what you want, anything is better than nothing
  3. And of course eating balanced meals, which doesn’t mean going on a diet and never eating sugar again, but instead portioning it so that your body gets what you need and you can get what you want as well.

If done correctly, your cardiovascular health will go through the rough which will make the healing and recovery in your body done much faster.

This also includes your skin, as less fat stores means less pressure on the skin and due to your meals that are full of micro-nutrients, the skin will always be at its best state, making it be resistant to new stretch marks and better at healing existing scars as well. A double win right there.

If however, you were overweight before deciding to lose your stretch marks, this is a great after weight loss stretch mark removal guide.

Natural Remedy Number 2 – HOME REMEDIES


Home remedies are the simplest to make plus you can know exactly what you are putting on your skin, not to mention that the ingredients are really natural and not detrimental.

This is because all of these ingredients are either literally cut from the source, or extracted form, without any added substances. In rare cases, some will contain a bit of other ingredients to help with the smell and consistency.

So home remedies have some potential in them as a first resort, just to see if it’s enough. But you also have to realize that since you will be the one deciding what to use, the results will also be in your hands. So you take 100% of the responsibility of making it work.

Whether it not it actually works is another story. Simply put, even if using a combination that is recommended, do not expect results to be too great.

Because as natural as it is, it’s merely a pretty cheap way to help your skin and possibly have good results with removing/fading stretch marks. But because you usually get what you pay for, the results are sub-par to other treatments.

If it works for you, that is awesome and in that case please let us know with which combination of ingredients worked for you, so that more people can try it out as well.

If not, you will lose nothing, other than a few bucks for the ingredients.

Natural Remedy Number 3 – COMMERCIAL CREAMS

stretch mark creams

While it may be portrayed differently, this is still a natural remedy as all creams only use natural ingredients.

And even for those who get claims that they do not have natural ingredients.. Ask yourself this.

What even is a natural ingredient?

And now think about this. Something made in a laboratory is no less natural as it was created from a natural ingredient in the first place.

For example, vine is made from grapes, but does that makes vine unnatural because you can’t find it in nature?

To add, these ingredients are also clinically tested to show that they do not induce any allergies or diseases.

And since the commercial stretch mark creams are researched and reviewed by many more people, the success rate is usually a lot higher.

Find one that has good reviews and works for your skin age and color and you are on your way to returning to that gorgeous scar free body that you once had.

So which one is REALLY the best?

If you can, use ALL 3 at the same time.

That’s right, if for example:

  • you lead a healthy lifestyle following the first remedy, treating your body like the most important part of you in your life
  • you apply once a day a home remedy, such as some vitamin e oil home remedy at times to deliver the micro nutrients to the skin
  • and also use a commercial cream from our best stretch mark cream charts

You have the best chance of getting the results that you want. And finally really feeling good again in your body and having the self-confidence that you desire. And that is what we all desire.


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