11 Celebrities Who Aren’t Safe From Acne Acne / Top Lists

It’s been told for a long, long time, that celebrities are just regular people, with irregular jobs.

And while their irregular job (singer, actor) makes them the center of attention pretty much everywhere they go…

The fact is, they are still regular people, means that they still have to deal with regular people problems.

For example, celebrities also aren’t safe from stretch marks, no matter how much they try.

And as you will see in this list, they aren’t safe from acne outbreaks as well.

But let’s get started, shall we?

The List Of Top 11 Celebrities with Acne


11. Victoria Beckham


Victoria has achieved many things in her lifetime, most notable being her involvement in Spice Girls and her marriage to the football superstar, David Beckham. But as said before, she still has to deal with regular people problems. In this case, acne. There comes a point where just applying more makeup doesn’t get the job done anymore and Victoria had to reveal how her acne is all over her otherwise pretty face.

10. Rihanna


Not as bad as evident from the picture, but Rihanna has shown on multiple occasions that she has some acne pimples on her face, more exactly on her left cheek. Did this stop her from going to the awards ceremony or any public event? No, instead she covered what she could, then just went without caring about it too much.

9. Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz probably has some very good makeup personnel employed, as you can see that when no makeup is used, she is absolutely full of acne. But, with her army of makeup artists, she is able to otherwise successfully reduce or at least cloak the acne from appearing at all.

As you can see, her acne issue didn’t stop her from becoming world famous as well.

8. Keira Knightley


Keira. It has been known for a while that she has some form of acne, now you can see from the upper picture just how severe it actually is, even though it is mostly hidden under makeup. But.. Have you watched Pirates of the Caribbean? If you have, you probably didn’t notice even a single acne pimple during her acting. So don’t let your acne scare you into doing anything, there is always a way if there is a will.

7. Kim Kardashian


Main star in their reality show “Living with the Kardashian’s“, she prides herself with being in top shape and looks as good as possible all the time. But not even she is safe from her acne issue, and as you can see, she does have a few acne pimples that make her otherwise perfect face, look a bit less perfect.

6. Britney Spears


The once big teen star, still has acne riling her face, even after so many years that have passed since she first appeared on stage. But have you seen her complain? Instead she uses makeup to cover them up.

5. Harry Styles


Member of the well known teen group One Direction, Harry still has acne from his late puberty. While it doesn’t make him crystal perfect, because of that he is that much more realistic to many teen girls who are his dying fans. While teen acne is rather widespread, even the celebrity teens aren’t safe from it.

4. Tom Felton


Even the darkest of the darkest Tom aka Malfoy from Harry Potter isn’t safe from acne. To be serious, you can obviously see that when no extensive makeup or skin care is done, it is quite easy for the skin to start sprouting acne, like in Tom’s place. But in his Harry Potter debut, no acne were seen. You can always check that to movie magic. 🙂

3. Justin Bieber


During his latest DUI and his detainment in prison, this picture was taken at the point where no makeup was applied. And this quickly revealed one important fact. That even the currently very popular (for his good or bad actions), Justin Bieber has acne on his face. That not even the person who has millions and millions of fans is not safe from acne. That even he is under the whim of his body and mother nature.

2. Pamela Anderson


While she is not in her twenties anymore, Pamela Anderson still looks rather young for her age. She can probably thank her beauty agents for that, but one thing that still remained, was her slight acne on her face. Since most celebrities prefer to use home ingredients, you can see just how exactly effective they are.. Which they are, but not perfect to do the job.

1. Megan Fox


And lastly Megan Fox. Megan has been in the acting scene for some time, and soon enough she was revealed to have acne. A lot of acne. However, this didn’t stop her from getting a few roles such as in Transformers. Neither should it stop you to get what you want.


But wait, what about “insert your favorite celebrity here“?

While there are certainly even more celebrities with acne walking on this planet, there are usually 2 reasons why they can’t be found:

  1. Their every public appearance is completely under control and unless in top shape, no appearance is made. So no acne pictures.
  2. The have successfully ridden their themselves of their acne, using acne removal solutions such as these, which remove the acne at it’s core.